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Journey to Become a Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer Build the mind and hand of a Google Certified ML professional

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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English | 2022 | ISBN: 1803233729 | 330 pages | True PDF | 27.54 MB
Prepare for the GCP ML certification exam along with exploring cloud computing and machine learning concepts and gaining Google Cloud ML skills

Key Features
A comprehensive yet easy-to-follow Google Cloud machine learning study guideExplore full-spectrum and step-by-step practice examples to develop hands-on skillsRead through and learn from in-depth discussions of Google ML certification exam questions
Book Description
This book aims to provide a study guide to learn and master machine learning in Google Cloud: to build a broad and strong knowledge base, train hands-on skills, and get certified as a Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer.
The book is for someone who has the basic Google Cloud Platform (GCP) knowledge and skills, and basic Python programming skills, and wants to learn machine learning in GCP to take their next step toward becoming a Google Cloud Certified Machine Learning professional.
The book starts by laying the foundations of Google Cloud Platform and Python programming, followed the by building blocks of machine learning, then focusing on machine learning in Google Cloud, and finally ends the studying for the Google Cloud Machine Learning certification by integrating all the knowledge and skills together.
The book is based on the graduate courses the author has been teaching at the University of Texas at Dallas. When going through the chapters, the reader is expected to study the concepts, complete the exercises, understand and practice the labs in the appendices, and study each exam question thoroughly. Then, at the end of the learning journey, you can expect to harvest the knowledge, skills, and a certificate.
What you will learn
Provision Google Cloud services related to data science and machine learningProgram with the Python programming language and data science librariesUnderstand machine learning concepts and model development processesExplore deep learning concepts and neural networksBuild, train, and deploy ML models with Google BigQuery ML, Keras, and Google Cloud Vertex AIDiscover the Google Cloud ML Application Programming Interface (API)Prepare to achieve Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification
Who this book is for
Anyone from the cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning domains, such as cloud engineers, data scientists, data engineers, ML practitioners, and engineers, will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills and achieve the Google Cloud professional ML Engineer certification with this study guide. Basic knowledge of Google Cloud Platform and Python programming is required to get the most out of this book.
Table of Contents
Comprehending Google Cloud ServicesMastering Python ProgrammingPreparing for ML DevelopmentDeveloping and Deploying ML ModelsUnderstanding Neural Networks and Deep LearningLearning BQ/BQML, TensorFlow and KerasExploring Google Cloud Vertex AIDiscovering Google Cloud ML APIUsing Google Cloud ML Best PracticesAchieving the GCP ML CertificationAppendix 1 - Practicing with Basic GCP ServicesAppendix 2 - Practicing with Python Data LibraryAppendix 3 - Practicing with ScikitLearnAppendix 4 - Practicing with Vertex AIAppendix 5 - Practicing with Google Cloud ML API

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KatzSec DevOps

Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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