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Investing&Trading By Technical Analysis(At Stock Market)

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.61 GB | Duration: 5h 18m
Technical Analysis (Chart Patterns, Indicators, Candlestick Patterns and Moreover...) Everything You Need involved!
What you'll learn

All reversal and continuation patterns (formations) and their signals.
The most common and useful indicators and their signals.
To analyse price chart (stock chart and cryptocurrency chart and others).
Drawing support and resistance lines.
All reversal and continuation candlestick patterns and their signals.
All moving averages and their types (bollinger bands, ema, simple moving average and others).
To understand reversal of trend.
To understand broken trend line.
Theory of technical analysis.
Chart types and different scales.
Loops for stock market.
To find Divergence on indicators.
Types of Technical Analysts and Market Order types.
Common moving averages periods.
To understand stop-loss and long&short positions.
To understand Fib Extension and Fib Retrecement.
Types of Price Gaps and to understand Island Reversal.
To understand Opportunity Cost.
There are no prerequisites required to earn money from the stock market using technical analysis.
Hello and welcome to my Technical Analysis course. I have briefly mentioned below what we will learn in this course.a-) Things to do outside of this course: - More different courses and videos can be watched. - Seeing more price charts and trying to analyze them. - Reading books and articles on Technical Analysis. - To practice more.b-) Please do not hesitate to ask anything. Your all questions will have been replied at least in a week.c-) 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Love the course or return it for a full refund.The most common and known(useful) indicators:* MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence)* RSI(Relative Strengt Index)* CCI(Commodity Channel Index)* DMI(Directional Movement Index)* Momentum* Stochastic* OBV(On Balance Volume)* Types of all Moving Averages* Common Moving Average PeriodsOthers(Moreover):* How to earn from stock market with using technical analysis* Candlestick Patterns(Formations)* Chart Patterns(Formations)* Theory of Technical Analysis* Loops* Opportunity Cost* Types of Technical Analysis and Market Orders* Support and Resistance Lines(Trend Lines)* Broken Trend Lines* Chart Types and Different Scales* Price Gaps and Island Reversals* Seeds of Doubt(Reversal of Trend)* Divergence* To catch Divergence on Price Chart* Short-Selling* Stop-Loss*Long and Short Positions* Fib Retrecement and Fib Extension* More examples on Price Chart - Candlestick Patterns - Chart Patterns - Price Gaps and Island Reversals
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 What is Technical Analysis?
Lecture 2 Dow Theory
Lecture 3 Criticizing Technical Analysis
Lecture 4 Chart Types and Different Scales
Lecture 5 How to use Tradingview for investing (especially for technical analysis)
Lecture 6 Showing Different Chart Types and Scales on Tradingview
Lecture 7 For Comments
Section 2: Support and Resistance Lines(Trend Lines)
Lecture 8 Support and Resistance Lines(Trend Lines)
Lecture 9 Drawing Accurate Support and Resistance Lines(Trend Lines) on Tradingview
Lecture 10 Defining Pivot Points on Price Charts on Tradingview
Lecture 11 Understanding Broken Trend Line
Lecture 12 What are Long and Short Positions?
Lecture 13 Showing Long and Short Positions on Tradingview
Lecture 14 What is Short-Selling?
Lecture 15 What is Stop-Loss?
Lecture 16 Average True Range(ATR)
Section 3: Continuation and Reversal Chart Patterns(Formations)
Lecture 17 Chart Patterns
Lecture 18 Head and Shoulders Formation(Generally Reversal)
Lecture 19 Inverted Head and Shoulders Formation(Generally Continuation)
Lecture 20 Showing Different Types of (Inverted) Head&Shoulders Formations on Tradingview
Lecture 21 Double Tops&Bottoms Chart Pattern(Both of them)
Lecture 22 Showing Diffrent Types of Double Tops&Bottoms Chart Pattern on Tradingview
Lecture 23 Triple Tops/Bottoms Chart Pattern(Both of them)
Lecture 24 Showing Diffrent Types of Triple Tops&Bottoms Chart Pattern on Tradingview
Lecture 25 Rectangle Chart Pattern(Continuation)
Lecture 26 Rounding Tops&Bottoms Chart Pattern(Reversal)
Lecture 27 Broadening Formations(Reversal)
Lecture 28 Diamond Chart Pattern(Generally Reversal)
Lecture 29 Showing Different Types of Diamond Chart Pattern on Tradingview
Lecture 30 V Tops&Bottoms Chart Pattern(Reversal)
Lecture 31 Cup Handle Formation(Both of them)
Lecture 32 Inverted Cup Handle Formation(Both of them)
Lecture 33 Triangle Chart Pattern(Both of them)
Lecture 34 Showing Different Types of Triangle Chart Pattern on Tradingview
Lecture 35 Flag and Pennant Formation(Continuation)
Lecture 36 Rising and Falling Wedge Chart Pattern(Continuation)
Section 4: Different Information -1
Lecture 37 Seeds of Doubt(Reversal of the Trend)
Lecture 38 Price Gaps and Island Reversal
Lecture 39 Showing Price Gaps and Island Reversal on Tradingview
Section 5: Moving Averages(All Types) and Common and Important Indicators
Lecture 40 Moving Averages(Simple, Weighted, Exponential)
Lecture 41 One&Two&Three Moving Averages Period
Lecture 42 Showing all types of Moving Averages on Tradingview
Lecture 43 Applying One Moving Average on Tradingview
Lecture 44 Applying Two Moving Average on Tradingview
Lecture 45 Applying Three Moving Average on Tradingview
Lecture 46 Bollinger Bands
Lecture 47 Applying Bollinger Bands on Tradingview
Lecture 48 Moving Average Convergence Divergence(MACD)
Lecture 49 Applying MACD Indicator on Tradingview
Lecture 50 Commodity Channel Index(CCI)
Lecture 51 Different point of views for CCI Indicator on Tradingview
Lecture 52 Relative Strength Index(RSI)
Lecture 53 Different point of views for RSI Indicator on Tradingview
Lecture 54 Stochastic
Lecture 55 Applying Stochastic Indicator on Tradingview
Lecture 56 Momentum Indicator
Lecture 57 Different point of views for Momentum Indicator on Tradingview
Lecture 58 Directional Movement Index(DMI)
Lecture 59 Applying DMI Indicator on Tradingview
Lecture 60 On Balance Volume(OBV)
Lecture 61 Applying Volume Bars(Candlesticks) and OBV Indicator on Tradingview
Section 6: Divergence
Lecture 62 Divergence
Lecture 63 Finding Divergence on Indicators on Tradingview (RSI,Momentum, CCI, MACD etc.)
Section 7: Continuation and Reversal Candlesticks
Lecture 64 What is Candlesticks?
Lecture 65 Hammer&Hanging Man(Reversal)
Lecture 66 Engulfing Bullish/Bearish(Reversal)
Lecture 67 Dark Cloud Cover(Reversal)
Lecture 68 Piercing Line(Reversal)
Lecture 69 Doji Stars
Lecture 70 Morning Star&Evening Star(Reversal)
Lecture 71 Morning Doji Star&Evening Doji Star(Reversal)
Lecture 72 Bullish&Bearish Abandoned Baby(Reversal)
Lecture 73 Shooting Star&Inverted Hammer(Reversal)
Lecture 74 Harami&Harami Cross(Reversal)
Lecture 75 Tweezer Tops&Bottoms(Reversal)
Lecture 76 Upside Gap Two Crows(Reversal)
Lecture 77 Three Black Crows(Reversal)
Lecture 78 Three White Soldiers(Reversal)
Lecture 79 Three Doji Stars(Reversal)
Lecture 80 Bullish&Bearish 3-Method Formation(Continuation)
Lecture 81 How to use Candlesticks on Tradingview
Section 8: Different Information -2
Lecture 82 Point and Figure Chart
Lecture 83 Loops
Section 9: Some Advices(Experiences)
Lecture 84 Some advices while using Moving Averages
Section 10: Last Chapter
Lecture 85 What didn't i teach you?
For short-term investor.,For those who buy and sell stocks.,For those who invest in stocks.,For those who want to learn technical analysis.,For those who want to earn from stock market.,For those who want to be successful investor.
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