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Intermittent Fasting + Detox Diet (2 Gold Courses In 1)

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Intermittent Fasting + Detox Diet (2 Gold Courses In 1)
Published 8/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 918.97 MB | Duration: 1h 47m
Complete Course to Transform Your Life

What you'll learn
Learn the Fundamentals of Nutrition and Fasting
Understand the Human Physiology of Nutrition
Acquire Practical and Effective Meal Plans
Increase Productivity with Intermittent Fasting
Increase the Anti-Aging Effects of the Detox Diet
The Official Personalized Certificate of the Intermittent Fasting and Detox Diet Course
The only prerequisite to participate in the course is the determination to complete it until the last lesson, so you can learn everything you need to transform your body and life using the methods I will explain in each lesson.
In this course I have combined two of the world's best strategies for living a life full of health and productivity, also useful for transforming your physique.This is the best nutrition course you can find on this platform because it combines the theory from expensive university textbooks with my experience as a health specialist.I excelled in my nutrition and sports nutrition exams at university, and I have also participated in various nutrition courses, especially on intermittent fasting, which I will discuss in this course. Now, let me ask you a question: do you know the longest recorded period of fasting in history? Take a guess. How long do you think a person could go without eating and still survive? One week? One month? Two months? The longest recorded fast in history lasted over a year. In the course, we will also discuss this unique case in human history.Throughout evolution, we have forgotten what our body is capable of, especially in the last 30-40 years, as comfort and well-being have rapidly grown. We are in a period of maximum evolution and prosperity for the human species, but we must manage the unexpected problems of abundance. The first cause of death is food, precisely what should make us feel good and healthy. There is a solution, and it is written in the past. The name of the solution is intermittent fasting. However, there is another problem: never before in history have there been so many toxic substances that can worsen the quality and duration of our lives. That's why I have also included the detox diet in this course, to help your body fight these new threats.Now, I want to explain the 8 reasons to purchase this video course.1. My course is based on the best scientific evidence from the past 10 years of international nutrition research. 2. My course is suitable for both beginners and experts. The simple language and high-quality information make this course useful for everyone.3. The quality of the lessons. You will find recorded lessons with professional audio and impeccable video quality. So, you can rest assured that it won't be like other video courses that are difficult to listen to and watch.4. The duration of each video lesson. According to a 2015 Microsoft study, our attention span today is 8 seconds, which is less than the attention span of a goldfish. That's why it's important to provide information in the shortest time possible. In my video course, you will find lessons ranging from 1 to 8 minutes to maximize learning efficiency.5. The practical nutrition plans to put into practice right away, which I have gathered throughout my professional years. Many nutrition courses explain the basics of nutrition and which foods are good or bad, but there are no specific meal plans to follow. Here, you will find many nutritional plans, and I will also explain how you can adapt them to your physiological characteristics and goals.6. The special lesson dedicated to the relationship between productivity and nutrition. One of the goals that 90% of people want to achieve is increasing productivity, and I will finally explain how you can double your productivity with nutrition.7. Lifetime access. The platform guarantees my clients lifetime access to my video course. You won't have to pay for any renewing subscriptions because you pay once and have access to all the content forever.8. The Intermittent Fasting and Detox Diet Official Course CERTIFICATE. To request your personalized attendance certificate after completing the entire course, go to the "Course Information" section, where you will find everything regarding lesson attendance and course participation. Scroll down, and you will immediately find the "Udemy certificate" button, which will be unlocked once you complete my course. The certificate will be processed and delivered by Udemy usually within a few hours.
Section 1: Introduction to My Course
Lecture 1 Intro
Section 2: Introduction to Intermittent Fasting
Lecture 2 History of Intermittent Fasting
Lecture 3 When Fasting Meets Productivity
Lecture 4 Benefits that Change Your Life
Section 3: Fasting and Metabolism
Lecture 5 Nutrients Metabolism
Lecture 6 Hormones of Fasting
Lecture 7 Fasting Physiology
Section 4: Intermittent Fasting Diet Plans
Lecture 8 Fasting Week Plan (7 Days)
Lecture 9 21 Days Plan
Lecture 10 365 Days Plan
Section 5: Introduction to Detox Diet
Lecture 11 History of Detox Diet
Lecture 12 The Toxins in Your Life
Section 6: Detox Nutrition and Metabolism
Lecture 13 Body Detoxification Strategies
Lecture 14 Clean Food and Physiology
Lecture 15 Alkaline Diet and Physiology
Section 7: Detox Diet Plans
Lecture 16 3 Day Smoothie Detox Plan
Lecture 17 6 Weeks Detox-Weight Loss Plan
Lecture 18 Dopamine Detox Plan (That Save Your Life)
University students who want to put theory into practice,People who want to transform their body in the best way possible,Health professionals (life coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, etc.) who want to learn new methods for their work

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Jan 17, 2022
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