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Implementing Agile Marketing And Marketing Sprints

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Implementing Agile Marketing And Marketing Sprints
Published 8/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.00 GB | Duration: 1h 46m
Embrace Agile marketing methodology for your marketing team, run efficient teams, and use Timeboxing for time management

What you'll learn
Improve personal or team productivity
Adapt Agile marketing for your team, and modernize your marketing team
Estimate your deadlines better
Improve team chemistry and team transparency
There are no prerequisites for this course - just an open mind and a love for learning and self-improvement
Modernize your team, improve team chemistry, and make every member of your marketing team more efficient!WHAT IS AGILE MARKETINGAgile marketing is a set of strategies and methodologies that help your team operate more efficiently, be more adaptive to change, learn and evolve faster, and ultimately create products or marketing materials that end up best-in-class, and outcompete your competitors.USE TIMEBOXING FOR TEAM TIME MANAGEMENTTimeboxing is an advanced time management technique used by modern Agile development and Agile marketing teams as well as world-leading entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates - and soon, you too!GREAT FOR BEGINNERS TO START YOUR TRANSITION TO AGILE MARKETINGThis course does not assume prior knowledge of Agile marketing. We'll start from the very basics, define all the necessary terminology, spell out the key concepts, and help you ease into this process at a comfortable step!EVOLVE YOUR TEAM EFFICIENCYThe word "agile" should be taken somewhat literally. By being more flexible and adaptive, your team will increase its agility, learn faster, make more informed decisions, and ultimately create better products - all while improving over time. So future projects will turn out better and better.EMBRACE AGILE MARKETING FULLY OR PARTIALLYYou don't have to always follow the strict definition and process of Agile marketing. I'll teach you how to think intelligently about different aspects of Agile marketing, so you can make your own decisions which elements of it are an ideal fit for your team.Invest in your future! Enroll today!
Section 1: Introduction and welcome to this Agile Marketing course
Lecture 1 Introduction and welcome to this Agile Marketing course
Lecture 2 The most important part of Agile, and general overview of how Agile works
Lecture 3 How Agile Marketing or Scrum would work
Lecture 4 The Agile Marketing Manifesto
Section 2: SCRUM definitions
Lecture 5 Basic SCRUM definitions
Section 3: Agile marketing team
Lecture 6 The roles on an Agile marketing team
Section 4: Agile marketing documentation
Lecture 7 Agile marketing artifacts (also known as Agile marketing documentation)
Section 5: Time management by using Timeboxing in Agile marketing
Lecture 8 Section introduction to Timeboxing in Agile marketing
Lecture 9 Difference between time blocking and Timeboxing
Lecture 10 Example: Time blocking vs. Timeboxing
Lecture 11 Ultradian rhythm and cycles to do your most mentally complex work
Lecture 12 Science and biology: how your body responds to work with Timeboxing
Lecture 13 Some blocks will be "reactionary time" to deal with things you don't expect
Section 6: Timeboxing a month-long project
Lecture 14 Part one - planning tasks for the month
Lecture 15 Part two - planning tasks for the month
Lecture 16 Timeboxing for a larger project (like a SCRUM sprint)
Section 7: Agile software
Lecture 17 Starting to use Agile management software
Lecture 18 Switching accounts to an Agile project management account
Lecture 19 More Agile project management definitions to use in your Agile software
Lecture 20 Managing your Agile project in Agile software
Section 8: When not to use Agile marketing
Lecture 21 Hybrid of Agile vs. not using Agile for creating best-in-class products/content
Section 9: Conclusion
Lecture 22 Thank you for taking this Agile marketing course - parting words
This course is great for every professional or entrepreneur who wants to be more efficient

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