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I Just Cant Sleep - A Sleeping Masterclass Course

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download I Just Cant Sleep - A Sleeping Masterclass Course
Published 8/2023
Created by George Benson
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 76 Lectures ( 3h 17m ) | Size: 3.37 GB

An easy to follow, no nonsense, holistic, homeopathic, natural approach to solving all your sleeping problems.
What you'll learn
Learn how to identify, isolate and easily remove the "Root Causes" of your sleeping problems.
Transform your sleeping philosophy & culture by implementing small changes to both your lifestyle & daily routine.
Embed easy to implement, effective, long lasting and permanent solutions to all your sleeping problems.
Get to sleep more quickly, stay asleep for longer, reduce the number of times you wake through night and significantly improve your overall quality of sleep.
Transform your sleeping environment by creating your perfect sleeping sanctuary.
Significantly improve your quality of life, physical/mental health and mood through good quality, rejuvenating sleep.
Discover, implement and embed the perfect pre-sleep routine into your lifestyle, ensuring the best possible start to a good nights sleep.
Learn how to manage depression, stress & anxiety more easily, following an holistic, homeopathic and natural approach.
Understand how diet/nutrition and hydration can affect sleep quality and discover the best sleep promoting foods and drinks to aid a good nights sleep.
The only requirements or prerequisites for taking this course is the need for good quality sleep, and the desire for easy to implement, effective, long lasting solutions to your sleeping problems.
In todays world, good quality, rejuvenating sleep has become an elusive treasure.
We are being constantly bombarded with increasing levels of stress, pressure and a seemingly non stop 1000mph whirlwind lifestyle. Just for good measure, throw in a dash of chaos and mayhem and that about sums up they way we live today.
The very last thing you need now, is trouble sleeping!
A significant number of people are tired of struggling with sleeping problems: not being able to get to sleep, restless nights, waking up through night and not being able to get back to sleep, poor sleep quality and waking up feeling exhausted
Are you one of them?
There are many reasons and factors involved in sleeping disorders and how they manifest and grow, such as nutrition/hydration, your sleeping environment, pre-sleep routines and many more.
This comprehensive online course is designed and structured to address all these challenges, and then provide easy, practical solutions to all your sleeping problems.
It teaches you in a very unique way how to identify and isolate the "Root Causes" of your specific sleeping problems, then how to quickly and effectively remove them and replace with natural, healthier permanent solutions.
This course will equip you with the tools to transform your relationship with sleep, which allows you to easily and quickly develop a sleeping culture which will optimise not only your sleep, but also empowering you to live your waking hours fully rejuvenated, happier and confident to take on the stresses and strains of everyday life.
Course Content
Glossary: We discover the hormones and neurotransmitters involved in sleep and find out what roles they play
and how to correctly feed and nourish them.
Why do we need sleep: We learn about what happens to our brains and bodies as we sleep, why we need to sleep and what
happens to us when we don't get enough. We also look into our circadian rhythms/sleep cycles and
how best to keep them in synch. Lastly we look at how much sleep we actually need.
Sleeping Problems: This section looks at how lifestyle choices, depression/anxiety/stress and our sleeping environments
can significantly affect our quality of sleep. We then identify methods of removing root causes and
replacing them with natural, healthier alternatives.
Nutrition/Hydration: We discover the importance of good nutrition/hydration and its relationship with sleep. We learn about
the best sleep promoting vitamins & minerals and their food sources. We also look at the influence
both alcohol and caffeine can play in our sleep quality.
Good V Bad Habits: We learn how to develop a strong, positive sleep culture through strengthening good habits and
effectively identifying bad ones, then eliminating them and replacing with healthier alternatives.
Sleeping Environment: Find out how easy it is to develop the ideal sleeping environment by creating your perfect sleeping
sanctuary. In this section we learn the optimal bedroom temperature, how to minimise blue light
exposure and the importance of eliminating light and sound from your bedroom.
Pre-Sleep Routine: We learn when and how to wind down effectively at the end of the day. We discover a new, sleep
promoting nightcap and learn the effectiveness of deep breathing and positive affirmations and
how they help you to get to sleep.
Getting Back To Sleep: Although a very common problem, this section teaches you the most effective response to waking
through the night, and what NOT to do when this happens to you. It also gives you tools which are easy
and effective to utilise, ensuring your drifting off again in no time.
Routines: We learn how important it is to start your morning right, by calmly shutting down your sleep cycle and
helping your circadian rhythm get you off to the best possible start to the day. We look at breakfast
and the role it plays following a peaceful nights sleep. We then look at what our daytime routines
should look like and how making small changes to our lifestyles can have significant effects on how
quickly we get to sleep at night.
Who this course is for
Anyone who cant get to sleep, stay asleep, wakes through the night and cant get back to sleep, cant stay asleep long enough and suffers from poor quality sleep.
People who want to manage depression, anxiety and stress related problems with an homeopathic and natural approach, free of medications.
People who want to stop waking up feeling exhausted, irritable, moody and drained due to poor quality sleep.
Anyone who wants to learn how to easily transform their sleeping culture and environment and make significant improvements to both their physical and mental health through good quality sleep.
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