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How To Generate Floods Of Hot Leads Online

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Nov 24, 2022
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How To Generate Floods Of Hot Leads Online
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 981.57 MB | Duration: 2h 30m

Lead Generation Made Easy​

What you'll learn
How To easily generate floods of hot leads online.
A tried-and-true method for expanding your list
Creating a Compelling Call-To-Action for Your Lead Magnet
Designing your opt-in landing page
There are no requirements
Today, a company's client email list is its most valuable resource. According to marketers, every dollar spent on email marketing results in earnings of between 38 and 40 dollars. Profitable sales are guaranteed with a strong email list.A tried-and-true method for expanding your list is to use lead magnets to entice your ideal consumer to subscribe. For the customer, the value exchange is thought to be just and reasonable. Based on the demographic information given, you can promote your solutions to the people on the list.You present them with a problem-solving item that is of immediate value. They offer you their email address and, on occasion, other details like the size of their company, their name, or other information you need to gather in order to qualify the possible client.Then you can talk to them about more of your suggested solutions by using the information you have about them. You may read more about lead magnets on the pages that follow, as well as find out how they operate and why they are effective. You may even come across some examples that you were previously unaware were lead magnets.Have you ever heard the phrase, "The money is on the list?" Most likely, it's a common phrase. It's also true. Your list is your connection to hundreds, if not thousands, of people interested in your products or services. They're qualified leads. As a business owner, these are the people you want to talk to. However, finding those people can be a challenge. This course will teach you how to set up a successful lead generation system.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Overview of a Successful Lead Generation Campaign
Lecture 3 Understand your buyer's journey
Lecture 4 Definition of a Lead Magnet
Lecture 5 Common Types of Lead Magnets
Lecture 6 Criteria for Developing Effective Lead Magnets
Lecture 7 10 Reasons Lead Magnets Are So Effective
Lecture 8 Creating a Compelling Call-To-Action for Your Lead Magnet
Lecture 9 Investing in Lead Magnets: How Much Should It Cost?
Lecture 10 Pros and Cons of Creating Your Own Lead Magnet
Lecture 11 Creating Effective Lead Magnets
Lecture 12 How to create resource guides as list builders
Lecture 13 How to create your freebie checklist - 1
Lecture 14 How to create your freebie checklist - 2
Lecture 15 How to create your freebie checklist - 3
Lecture 16 Printable make excellent lead magnets
Lecture 17 Get more list members with free trials
Lecture 18 Apps - the perfect freebie
Lecture 19 Teaching is a great list builder
Lecture 20 We all like to save money with discounts
Lecture 21 Elements of a Successful Opt-in Landing Page
Lecture 22 Designing your opt-in landing page
Lecture 23 Effective Strategies to Guarantee Targeted Traffic
Lecture 24 Using PPC Marketing to Drive Traffic
Lecture 25 Using PPC Marketing to Drive Traffic
Lecture 26 Successful Lead Magnet Examples
Lecture 27 Conclusion
Lecture 28 What's Next?
Lecture 29 3 Ways Coaches Can Get More Clients via Their Website
Lecture 30 10 Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors into Leads
Lecture 31 Building An Email List - Why You Should Never Buy Leads
Lecture 32 How Coaches and Consultants Can Get More Clients
Lecture 33 How To Create a Customer Base Quickly
Lecture 34 How to Generate B2B Leads
Lecture 35 How To Generate Leads through Cold-Calling
Lecture 36 Simple Online Lead Generation for Beginners
Lecture 37 The Key to Online Business Startup Success
Lecture 38 The Rival of Offline Lead Generation Methods
Lecture 39 Bonus
Anyone who wishes to learn the fastest way of leads generation


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Jan 17, 2022
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