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HeavyBody Foundations - Finding Power in Softness

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 6/2018
Created by Christopher Davis
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 26 Lectures ( 2h 46m ) | Size: 3.3 GB

Learn to utilise your own body mass to improve health, fuel your martial arts and balance the body.
What you'll learn
Recognise unwanted tension in your body
Use your weight more effectively in your Martial Art
Create a deep connection to your Breath
Increase movement fluidity
Connect with the power of Gravity
Maintain a strong 'Rooting' skill to increase stability.
No tools or knowledge required
Are you a Martial Artist looking for a unique training edge? Are you a 'Mover' wanting to explore your body further? How about a Chi gong, Nei Gong or Tai chi practitioner looking to deepen the softeness in your technique? Or maybe you are simply looking for a soft, unique, powerful and profound approach to movement and health?
HeavyBody if the first of the 6 'Bodies' in the MartialBody training system. This system is the distilation of the developmental training methods found in the martial arts to focus on the development of 6 key attributes found in the elite Martial Artists.
Heavy Stable Connected Agile Complex Fluid
HeavyBody invigorates the body with deepening levels of internal awareness and softness. You will learn how to connect to your own body weight and use it to fuel your movement, to open your joints, and create powerful 'heavy' techniques.
This course will guide you though the foundation training techniques to begin to develop the HeavyBody. This training will help you in the following areas.- Removing Tension -
We carry unwanted Tension around with us all the time and this limits our ability to utilize our weight. HeavyBody Training will resolve this.- Using our own Weight -
We use our own bodyweight to release tension and open the joints of the body so that they are freer. This produces deep health benefits as well as usable body mechanics for combat.- Healthy Joints -
HeavyBody training helps us to release tension around the body. As a result the joints will be gently released of tension or sticking points increasing range of motion and joint health.- Precise, Focused, Pressure. -
When your Body is constantly expressing the heavyBody attribute, you can target your weight to any point on your opponent. This can create crushing pressure.- Heavy Hands -
Far from being a 'gift' some fighters have , Heavy Hands are a quality that can be trained through understanding of softness and our ability to cast our weight into our target. But the first thing to get is a 'HeavyBody'- Aaaannd Relax -
Understanding the tension in our bedy, how it affects our movement, and how to resolve it has a big supplimentary benefit. It allows us to recognise and resolve tension so as to increase relaxation and reduce stress.
Make no mistake about it, effective release and relaxation are hard things to do. They are the opposite side of the coin to contraction and tension and just like contraction they must be trained to become effective and fast.
Much of the work in this area is related to neurology and our ability to 'switch off' the signals that are making unwanted tension creep into the body. We can consciously do this with a variety of physical movements and targeted breathing methods that will help us to connect to the 'relax' mechanism much like we do with the 'contract' mechanism.So take this opportunity to learn the foundations of this facinating system of training, drawn from years of experience in the Martial Arts and Personal training. You will feel new levels of power, freedom and Efficiency!
Who this course is for
Martial Artists of any Style or System who would like to explore Body Method training.
Movers & Movement practitioners who would like to explore connecting to their body mass
Yogis or Yoga Practitioners who would like to explore different concepts on Body & Nervous system Relaxation
Chi Gong and Tai Chi Practitioners
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