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Hax to Save Tax for Salaried Employees

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Aug 11, 2023
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Hax To Save Tax For Salaried Employees
Published 9/2023
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Learn tax planning and make your life financially stable

What you'll learn
Different Sources of Income (Salary, House Property, Business & Profession, Capital Gain and Other Sources)
How to file your own ITR and benefits of ITR Filing
Tax Slabs and Computation
Income Tax Act 1961
Deductions and Allowances
Tax Breaks, Rates and TDS

No prior knowledge required, learn basics of Taxation from beginner to advance level

Why Bother About Taxes? When I have a CA to file ITRAn Indian salaried employee pays income tax as high as 43% which is among the highest in the entire world. Most of us do not take advantage of 100+ deductions and exemptions. By using various Smart legal Tax Hacks you can even make your Tax liability ZERO. But for this, one needs to start tax planning during the financial year. As you know, You visit your CA only weeks before the ITR filings deadline. At that time they can only file returns, no tax saving can be done. Anyways, you are not paying him for planning but filing only. The onus of making smart money decisions to save taxes is on you and you only, After all, it s your money. This course will take you on a journey to systematically save lakhs of rupees in taxes over the years, that to within the legal framework. And as they say, money saved is money earned.Why Hax To Save Tax1. Expertly Crafted: 13 hours of comprehensive tax knowledge divided into 11 modules, 80 Short lectures, covering every aspect of employee tax planning.2. Live Sessions: Friday Live & interactive sessions with renowned Income Tax Expert & Instructor for the course CA Anoop Bhatia, 3. Discussion Forum: Get your queries answered by the Instructors within 48 working hours, 1000+ Q&A threads to learn from, 4. Real-Life Examples: Practical case studies and scenarios to help you apply tax-saving strategies in your own financial journey.5. Stay Up-to-Date: The course is updated regularly on tax changes, and budget updates to ensure your tax planning remains effective.6. Tax Calculators: Calculators for Old Vs New Regime, Capital Gain Calculator, Allowance optimizers to crunch your numbers and planAbout the CourseThe world is moving so rapidly that people are not able to plan their life to get the most out of it. Though, there is an extreme requirement to learn tax planning to at least make their life financially stable.This course is made exactly with the motive to teach tax planning to those who want to save their maximum salary from being deducted under tax but are not able to due to a lack of knowledge and an unorganized taxation system in the country.Tax planning is the most important aspect for every individual who knows the value of every penny they earn. It will be going to cover topics like different types of taxes, tax exemptions, the Income-tax Act, tax reduction, tax rebates, surcharges, and much more.Why this course?Tax planning is the process of analyzing a financial plan or a situation from a tax perspective. The objective of tax planning is to make sure there is tax efficiency. With the help of tax planning, one can ensure that all elements of a financial plan can function together with maximum tax efficiency. This course is designed for those who don t have a deep knowledge of the taxation system of India and who wish to learn tax planning in a more detailed, organized, and advanced manner. After completing this course, you will be in a position where you can - Set up your financial goals effectivelyEasily manage your salaryQuickly grasp how the Indian Tax System worksHelp yourself to identify how you are draining money in taxes Who should take this course?Salaried EmployeesSelf Employed

Section 1: Introduction to Income Tax

Lecture 1 Tax Basics #1

Lecture 2 Tax Basics #2

Lecture 3 Understand the Act

Lecture 4 Income

Lecture 5 Financial Year & Assessment Year

Lecture 6 Residential Status

Lecture 7 Scope of Income

Lecture 8 Tax Breaks

Lecture 9 Tax Rates

Lecture 10 Payment of TAX Liability

Lecture 11 TDS

Lecture 12 Advance TAX

Lecture 13 Income Tax Return

Lecture 14 Benefits of ITR Filing

Lecture 15 Penalty / Punishment

Lecture 16 (Bonus Video) How to register in Income Tax Portal

Section 2: Understanding Income

Lecture 17 Types of Income

Lecture 18 Income from Salaries

Lecture 19 Income from House Property

Lecture 20 Income for Business & Profession

Lecture 21 Income from Capital Gain

Lecture 22 Understanding Equity P&L

Lecture 23 Income from Other Sources

Section 3: Income from Salary

Lecture 24 Basic Concepts of Salary Taxation

Lecture 25 Is Salary earned out of India Taxable?

Lecture 26 Composition of Salary

Lecture 27 Allowances

Lecture 28 Perquisites/Perks

Lecture 29 Deduction against Salary

Lecture 30 Other Salary Aspects

Lecture 31 Tax on Salary (To be paid by whom)

Lecture 32 Taxation of ESOPs

Lecture 33 Practical Example of Taxable Salary Computation

Section 4: Exemptions of Allowance and Retirement Benefits

Lecture 34 Important Exempt Allowances

Lecture 35 HRA with examples

Lecture 36 LTA with examples

Lecture 37 Computation of Taxable Salary

Lecture 38 Taxation and Exemption of Retirement Benefits

Lecture 39 Commuted Pension and Leave Encashment

Lecture 40 Retrenchment and VRS Compensation

Lecture 41 ESIC Income and Example

Section 5: Deductions

Lecture 42 Adjustment of House Property Losses against Salary

Lecture 43 Deductions against Salary Income (80C)


Lecture 45 Health Insurance Premium/Expenses

Lecture 46 Education Loan Repayment (80 E)

Lecture 47 Savings Account and FD Interest

Lecture 48 Donations

Lecture 49 Certain Diseases/Disabilities (80DD, 80DDB, 80U)

Lecture 50 Payment of Rent (in case HRA not received)

Section 6: Gift / Clubbing Income and Acceptance / Repayment of Loans

Lecture 51 Taxation of Gift

Lecture 52 Clubbing Provisions

Lecture 53 Acceptance & Repayment of Loans

Section 7: Other Sources of Income

Lecture 54 Income from House Property

Lecture 55 Income from Business or Profession

Lecture 56 Capital Gain Income

Lecture 57 Other Income (Freelancing, Interest, Dividend, etc.)

Lecture 58 Computation of Total Income

Section 8: Tax Slabs and Computation

Lecture 59 Tax Slabs

Lecture 60 Computation of Tax

Lecture 61 Computation of Interest

Lecture 62 Applicability of Fees for Delay in ITR Filing

Section 9: Tax Planning

Lecture 63 Tax Planning (Part I)

Lecture 64 Tax Planning (Part II)

Lecture 65 Tax Planning DONT'S

Section 10: Understanding Online Filing

Lecture 66 How to Create Income Tax Login

Lecture 67 How to access your Income Tax Portal

Lecture 68 Understanding & Reading Form 26AS

Lecture 69 Understanding & Reading AIS / TIS

Lecture 70 Understanding & Reading 143(1) Intimation

Lecture 71 How to File an Income Tax Return

Section 11: Miscellaneous

Lecture 72 Brief on the Assessment Procedure

Lecture 73 What is Rectification Process

Lecture 74 What is Appellate Procedure

Lecture 75 How to Claim Relief u/s 89

Section 12: Live Q&A Sessions

Lecture 76 Filing Forms, HRA, 80EEA and More : April 28, 2023

Lecture 77 Capital Gains, PF, Deductions and More : May 19, 2023

Lecture 78 Foreign Gifts, Home Loans, Insurance and More : June 2, 2023

Lecture 79 Gifts, Allowances, Pensions, Investments and More : June 16, 2023

Lecture 80 Taxation on Salary, Capital Gains, Other Exemptions and More : July 7, 2023

Lecture 81 Tax Implications for ITR Filing, Intraday Loss Offset and More : July 21, 2023

Lecture 82 Decoding Capital Gains, Tax Reliefs, Income Declarations & More : August 4, 2023

Section 13: Capital Gain Master Class

Lecture 83 21 May 2023

Lecture 84 25 June 2023

Lecture 85 16 July 2023

Lecture 86 15 August 2023

Section 14: Employee Rights Master Class

Lecture 87 16 July 2023

Lecture 88 15 August 2023

This course is for anyone who wants to learn Tax Planning and Tax Saving from ground zero whether you are a Student, Salaried Employee or Self Employed.

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