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Getting Started with Forex Trading Using Python

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Getting Started with Forex Trading Using Python: Beginner's guide to the currency market and development of trading algorithms by Alex Krishtop
English | March 17, 2023 | ISBN: 1804616850 | 384 pages | MOBI | 11 Mb
Discover the inner workings of today's forex market, the essential risks in forex algo trading, and how to mitigate them

Key FeaturesBuild trading applications with research and without advanced Python programming skillsDive into professional fx trading while enhancing your trading apps to be more accurateDevelop simple yet efficient backtesting applications to help keep your expectations realistic
Book Description
Algorithm-based trading is a popular choice for Python programmers due to its apparent simplicity. However, very few traders get the results they want, partly because they aren't able to capture the complexity of the factors that influence the market. Getting Started with Forex Trading Using Python helps you understand the market and build an application that reaps desirable results.
The book is a comprehensive guide to everything that is market-related: data, orders, trading venues, and risk. From the programming side, you'll learn the general architecture of trading applications, systemic risk management, de-facto industry standards such as FIX protocol, and practical examples of using simple Python codes. You'll gain an understanding of how to connect to data sources and brokers, implement trading logic, and perform realistic tests. Throughout the book, you'll be encouraged to further study the intricacies of algo trading with the help of code snippets.
By the end of this book, you'll have a deep understanding of the fx market from the perspective of a professional trader. You'll learn to retrieve market data, clean it, filter it, compress it into various formats, apply trading logic, emulate the execution of orders, and test the trading app before trading live.
What you will learnExplore the forex market organization and operationsUnderstand the sources of alpha and the concept of algo tradingGet a grasp on typical risks and ways to mitigate themUnderstand fundamental and technical analysisConnect to data sources and check the integrity of market dataUse API and FIX protocol to send ordersTranslate trading ideas into codeRun reliable backtesting emulating real-world market conditions
Who this book is for
This book is for financial traders and python developers who are interested in forex trading. Academic researchers looking to focus on practical applications will find this book useful. This book can also help established fx market professionals who want to take the first steps in algo trading. Familiarity with Python and object-oriented programming within the scope of an online course or self-study is a must. Knowledge of network protocols and interfaces is a plus but not a prerequisite, as is specific knowledge about markets and trading.
Table of ContentsDeveloping Trading Strategies - Why They Are DifferentUsing Python for Trading StrategiesFX Market Overview from a Developer's StandpointTrading Application - What's Inside?Retrieving and Handling Market Data with PythonBasics of Fundamental Analysis and Its Possible Use in FX TradingTechnical Analysis and Its Implementation in PythonData Visualization in FX Trading with PythonTrading Strategies and Their Core ElementsTypes of Orders and Their Simulation in PythonBacktesting and Theoretical PerformanceSample Strategy - Trend-FollowingTo Trade or Not to Trade - Performance AnalysisWhere to Go Now?

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Jan 17, 2022
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