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GCSE Maths '100 Day Revision Countdown' -Higher Tier (4-9)

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 1/2023
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Language: English | Size: 13.53 GB | Duration: 35h 45m
Intense GCSE Maths Revision Course. Master 100 Expert led Revision lessons (Grades 4 - 9) & create 200+ revision cards

What you'll learn
Revise all 100 GCSE Maths topics (Grades 4 - 9) within 100 days prior to 2023 exams - Higher Tier
Identify and Self assess all 100 topics on DOWNLOADABLE revision planner - Higher Tier
Attempt 700+ exam style questions on 100 worksheets - Higher Tier
Create and Apply 200+ Revision cards showing key GCSE Maths ' Tips and Tricks'
Final year GCSE students need to have completed (or almost completed) the full GCSE Maths syllabus at school (UK Curriculum),
Ideal start date December/January 2023. If you start after, it won't make difference at all.
Your own A5/A6 revision cards
This GCSE Maths Revision (Higher Tier) course will offer students 100 days to revise 100 GCSE Maths topics (Grades 4 - 9 only). We cover Edexcel, AQA and OCR boards from the UK. It runs over a period 20 weeks prior to the GCSE.It is targeted at final year GCSE Higher students (age 16 or over) at least six months prior to their GCSE summer exam. Please note that those under 18 may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage. Revise one new topic per day throughout the 100 day course, through a revision planner , downloadable from us.The course starts on 5/12/22 and finishes on 28/4/23. However a student has full flexibility to choose their own start date of topics and complete when best suits them , depending on their own time schedule. Hence commencing before or after the course start date is absolutely fine.Each revision topic is approximately 20 minutes. Each lesson will offer the student the chance to reinforce the fundamentals, subsequently attempt exam style questions and finally a chance to write their own revision card on each topic using the key concepts learned. Once your cards have been written , students have a chance to apply them to further exam style questions . They can finally rate themselves on their revision planner at the end of each topic.We explain our concepts and methodologies from a highly visulaized approach. We also break down topics into bronze, silver and gold levels so students can clearly see what levels they need to complete.Your own A5/A6 Revision cards are a prerequisite to begin each revision topic. As this course is focused entirely for GCSE students who are at least the age of 16 , we stipulate that only adults or guardians make a purchase of this course( i.e. over 18 years old ).
Section 1: GCSE Maths: Bronze topics (Grades 4 - 5)
Lecture 1 Welcome to ' GCSE Maths 100 Day Revision Countdown'.
Lecture 2 GCSE Revision Topic 1: Estimations (Bronze)
Lecture 3 GCSE Revision Topic 2: Error Intervals (Bronze)
Lecture 4 GCSE Revision Topic 3: Basic %'s (Bronze)
Lecture 5 GCSE Revision Topic 4: Prime Factors (Bronze)
Lecture 6 GCSE Revision Topic 5: Nth term (Bronze)
Lecture 7 GCSE Revision Topic 6: Pythagoras (Bronze)
Lecture 8 GCSE Revision Topic 7: Substitution (Bronze)
Lecture 9 GCSE Revision Topic 8:Basic Ratio (Bronze)
Lecture 10 GCSE Revision Topic 9:Advanced Angles (Bronze)
Lecture 11 GCSE Revision Topic 10:Frequency Trees(Bronze)
Lecture 12 GCSE Revision Topic 11: Basic Equations (Bronze)
Lecture 13 GCSE Revision Topic 12: Pie Charts (Bronze)
Lecture 14 GCSE Revision Topic 13: Formulae (Bronze)
Lecture 15 GCSE Revision Topic 14: Frequency Polygons (Bronze)
Lecture 16 GCSE Revision Topic 15:Best Buys (Bronze)
Lecture 17 GCSE Revision Topic 16: Inequalities (Bronze)
Lecture 18 GCSE Revision Topic 17: Proportion (Bronze)
Lecture 19 GCSE Revision Topic 18 :Basic Expansion (Bronze)
Lecture 20 GCSE Revision Topic 19 : Experimental Probability (Bronze)
Lecture 21 GCSE Revision Topic 20 :Basic Venn (Bronze)
Lecture 22 GCSE Revision Topic 21:Exchange Rates (Bronze)
Lecture 23 GCSE Revision Topic 22: Basic Formulae (Rearranging) (Bronze)
Lecture 24 GCSE Revision Topic 23:Scale Drawing (Bronze)
Lecture 25 GCSE Revision Topic 24: Applied Algebra (Bronze)
Lecture 26 GCSE Revision Topic 25:Metrics (Bronze)
Lecture 27 GCSE Revision Topic 26:Distance/Time Graphs (Bronze)
Lecture 28 GCSE Revision Topic 27: Column Vectors (Bronze)
Lecture 29 GCSE Revision Topic 28: Basic Surface area (Bronze)
Lecture 30 GCSE Revision Topic 29: Basic Volume (Bronze)
Lecture 31 GCSE Revision Topic 30 : Sampling (Bronze)
Lecture 32 GCSE Revision Topic 31: Intermediate Ratio (Bronze)
Lecture 33 GCSE Revision Topic 32 : Standard Form (Bronze)
Lecture 34 GCSE Revision Topic 33 : Frequency Tables (Bronze)
Lecture 35 GCSE Revision Topic 34: Advanced Indices (Bronze)
Lecture 36 GCSE Revision Topic 35: Functional Maths (Business)- (Bronze)
Lecture 37 GCSE Revision Topic 36: Basic Probability Tree Diagrams (Bronze)
Lecture 38 GCSE Revision Topic 37: Simultaneous Equations (Bronze)
Lecture 39 GCSE Revision Topic 38 : Simple Factorisation (Bronze)
Lecture 40 GCSE Revision Topic 39: Original Prices (Bronze)
Lecture 41 GCSE Revision Topic 40: Similar Shapes (Bronze)
Lecture 42 GCSE Revision Topic 41: Interior& Exterior Angles (Bronze)
Lecture 43 GCSE Revision Topic 42 - Functional Maths (Household) (Bronze)
Lecture 44 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 43: Basic Area (Bronze)
Lecture 45 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 44:Trigonometry (Bronze)
Lecture 46 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 45: y = mx+c (Basic) - (Bronze)
Lecture 47 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 46: Basic Science Formulae (Bronze)
Lecture 48 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 47: Compound Interest (Bronze)
Lecture 49 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 48: Non Linear Graphs (Bronze)
Lecture 50 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 49: Simultaneous (Graphical)
Lecture 51 GCSE Revision Topic 50 - Loci (Bronze)
Section 2: GCSE Maths: Silver Topics (Grades 6-7)
Lecture 52 PRINT :Silver Revision Planners (Grades 6-7)
Lecture 53 GCSE Revision Topic 51 - Inequality Regions (Silver)
Lecture 54 GCSE Revision Topic 52- Cumulative Frequency (Silver)
Lecture 55 GCSE Revision Topic 53: Box Plots (Silver)
Lecture 56 GCSE Revision 54: Rearranging the Mean (Silver)
Lecture 57 GCSE Maths Topic 55: Capture/ Recapture (Silver)
Lecture 58 GCSE Maths Topic 56: Recurring Decimals (Silver)
Lecture 59 GCSE Maths Topic 57: Advanced Enlargement (Silver)
Lecture 60 GCSE Maths Topic 58 : Circle Theorems (Silver)
Lecture 61 GCSE Maths Topic 59: Product Rule of Counting (Silver)
Lecture 62 GCSE Maths Topic 60: Advanced Science Formulae (Silver)
Lecture 63 GCSE Maths Topic 61 :Advanced Quadratics (Silver)
Lecture 64 GCSE Maths Topic 62: Quadratic Fractions (Silver)
Lecture 65 GCSE Maths Topic 63 :Simplifying Algebraic Fractions (Silver)
Lecture 66 GCSE Maths Topic 64: Quadratic Formula
Lecture 67 GCSE Maths Topic 65: Advance Formulae (Silver)
Lecture 68 GCSE Maths Topic 66: Direct/Indirect Proportion (Silver)
Lecture 69 GCSE Maths Topic 67 :Advanced Expansion (Silver)
Lecture 70 GCSE Maths Topic 68 : Length, Area + Volume (L.A.V. Table)
Lecture 71 GCSE Maths Topic 69 :Upper & Lower Bounds (Silver)
Lecture 72 GCSE Maths Topic 70: Solving Algebraic Fractions (Silver)
Lecture 73 GCSE Maths Topic 71: Sine Rule (Silver)
Lecture 74 GCSE Maths Topic 72: Cosine Rule (Silver)
Lecture 75 GCSE Maths Topic 73: Histogram (Silver)
Lecture 76 GCSE Maths Topic 74: Surds (Silver)
Lecture 77 GCSE Maths Topic 75: Basic Vectors (Silver)
Section 3: GCSE Maths: Gold Topics (Grades 8 - 9)
Lecture 78 PRINT Gold Revision Planners (Grades 8 - 9)
Lecture 79 GCSE Maths Topic 76 : Identification of Graphs (Gold)
Lecture 80 GCSE Maths Topic 77: Congruent Shapes (Gold)
Lecture 81 GCSE Maths Topic 78: Advanced Ratio (Gold)
Lecture 82 GCSE Maths Topic 79 : Algebraic Proof (Gold)
Lecture 83 GCSE Maths Topic 80: Quadratic Graphs (Gold)
Lecture 84 GCSE Maths Topic 81: Fractional Indices (Gold)
Lecture 85 GCSE Maths Topic 82: Iteration (Gold)
Lecture 86 GCSE Maths Topic 83 : Geometric Progressions (Gold)
Lecture 87 GCSE Maths Topic 84: Applied Formulae
Lecture 88 GCSE Maths Topic 85: Advanced Venn (Gold)
Lecture 89 GCSE Maths Topic 86: Quadratic Sequences (Gold)
Lecture 90 GCSE Maths Topic 87: Velocity/ Graphs (Gold)
Lecture 91 GCSE Maths Topic 88: Simultaneous Equations (Substitution) (Gold)
Lecture 92 GCSE Maths Topic 89: 3-D Trigonometry (Gold)
Lecture 93 GCSE Maths Topic 90 : y = mx+c (Advanced)
Lecture 94 GCSE Maths Topic 91 : Composite & Inverse (Gold)
Lecture 95 GCSE Maths Topic 92 : Complete the Square (Gold)
Lecture 96 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 93: Circles and Tangents (Gold)
Lecture 97 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 94 : Transformations of Graphs (Gold)
Lecture 98 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 95: Advanced Volume & Surface Area (Gold)
Lecture 99 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 96: Advanced Probability (Gold)
Lecture 100 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 97 : Quadratic Inequalities (Gold)
Lecture 101 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 98 : Circle Theorem Proof (Gold)
Lecture 102 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 99:Advanced Vectors (Gold)
Lecture 103 GCSE Maths Revision Topic 100 : Mix & Match (Gold)
GCSE Maths Students in their final year (Year 11) - Higher Tier. It is written on the UK curriculum. (Edexcel, Aqa, Ocr exam boards). Parents need to supervise students who are under 18 and can only purchase course.,GCSE International Students (final year) following the UK Curriculum- Higher Tier . Parents need to supervise students who are under 18 and can only purchase course.,Home Schooling GCSE Students . Parents need to supervise students who are under 18 and can only purchase course.,IGCSE students could benefit although course is not entirely written for all topics. Parents need to supervise students who are under 18 and can only purchase course.
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