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Foundations Of Positive Psychology - Complete Guide

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Foundations Of Positive Psychology - Complete Guide
Last updated 1/2023
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Learn everthing about positive psychology and how to practice it in daily life from a psychologist!

Free Download What you'll learn
Gain fascinating insights into the human mind, motivations, emotions and habitual behaviour.
Learn how to set positively framed goals that inspire people to take action and drive their personal growth and development.
Learn a practical method to help people live more responsibly and with greater self-awareness.
Understand cutting-edge psychological theories and philosophical principles that can foster self-awareness and growth.
Positive Psychology for Mental Health & SuccessLearn positive psychology to help people shine in their lives. Concrete principles for personal growth and success!Mental health forms a vital part of our overall well-being and includes aspects of emotional health, mental wellbeing, and social awareness. Mental health and wellness training will equip you to understand the relationship between thoughts, beliefs, feelings and outcomes.This course in positive psychology will guide you through an extensive range of psychology-based teachings and methodologies that positively shape how people think, feel and relate with other people. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of personal success, subconscious mind programming, high self-image, and also how to support people in making positive lifestyle modifications.Many of today's mental health systems focus more on diagnosing flawed aspects of the human condition instead of taking time to understand the natural factors (such as illness, apathy, fear, and loneliness) that produce most mental health challenges.Positive psychology proposes that when people are taught how to change their focus away from illness and towards wellness, it becomes possible for people to experience considerable improvements in their mental health and general emotional wellbeing quickly.Mental health does not imply an absence of problems. It suggests the presence of robust internal resources that do not let anomalies take their toll. While disappointments and failures are inevitable, the key to overcoming them is sharp mental faculties.In this Positive Psychology Course, you'll learn how to:Employ powerful life principles to improve your mental health.Master your emotions and enhance your people skills.Develop your self-awareness and strengthen your relationships.Update the quality of your parenting, management or leadership.Defeat limiting beliefs to live with more confidence and autonomy.Generate healthy relational boundaries that reinforce relationships.Facilitate meaningful changes in how people relate to themselves.Replace self-defeating thinking patterns with more valuable ones.Develop in-depth knowledge of yourself and human behaviour.And much, much more.Topics that will be unpacked in this courseWhat is Positive PsychologyModels of Positive PsychologyUnderstanding Optimism and PessimismUnderstanding 3Ps Model of OptimismFundamentals of Positive ThinkingWays to think positively and overcome negativity bias8 Limited Thinking PatternsPsychology of Positive AttitudeThe root of all negative attitudes and emotionsPsychology of self-image (How it is formed?)How to improve self ImageSelf-image building exercisesBuilding happiness habitUnderstanding success mechanismUnderstanding failure mechanismHow to become tough-mindedHow to unlock your real personalityTap into the power of your subconscious mind toImprove self-imagelearn to use your positive pastset and achieve worthwhile goalsdevelop compassion self-respect and forgivenessCultivate the power of rational thinkingDiscover the key to a happier more successful lifePositive Psychology training will equip you to understand the relationship between thoughts, beliefs, feelings and outcomes. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of how mental health problems arise, and also how to support people in making positive lifestyle modifications.This course in Positive Psychology will guide you in an extensive range of psychology-based teachings and methodologies that positively shape how people think, feel and relate with other people.Throughout this training course, you can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of what triggers human behaviour and, in turn, systematically define the practical steps people can take for furthering their mental wellness and actualising their goals.With a variety of relatable examples and a focus on personal growth and emotional wellness, this course serves as a valuable resource for anyone who wants to become a better listener, friend, able leader, or efficient in transforming the quality of people's day-to-day mental health.Who this course is for:This Mental Health with Positive Psychology is open to all. It can be studied independently.Mental Health with Positive Psychology training gives unparalleled insights into human behaviour. This course is aimed at all those interested in relevant psychology and self-improvement.There are no 'right or wrong' character styles best suited to Mental Health Practitioner training, and students are asked to enrol on the course without learning expectations.Mental Health Practitioners often aspire to work in an educative, curative or social-influential context. Mental Health training is also widely studied by professional helpers.This course is especially for those who are enthusiastic about enriching people's lives. This course offers a novel individual growth experience for teachers, parents, mentors, therapists and medical specialists alike.This course is especially for those who are enthusiastic about enriching people's lives and offers a novel individual growth experience for teachers, parents, managers, mentors, coaches, therapists and medical specialists alikeTo take this course you do not need any previous knowledge of psychology or positive psychology whatsoever. Regardless of you education, profession and age you can take and benefit from this course.Course created by Vyas Psychology Training Centre.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Overview of the course
Lecture 3 Announcement
Lecture 4 Additional Resources
Lecture 5 What is Positive Psychology?
Section 2: Understanding Basic Concepts of Positive Psychology for Mental health
Lecture 6 The Health Model
Lecture 7 The IAC Model
Lecture 8 Understanding Learned Optimism
Lecture 9 Understanding Positive Thinking
Lecture 10 Understanding Positive Attitude
Section 3: Constructing a Healthy Self Image for good mental health
Lecture 11 Section Introduction
Lecture 12 Concept of Self Image
Lecture 13 How your Experience changes Self Image
Lecture 14 Concept of Synthetic Experience
Lecture 15 Link between past experiences and self image
Lecture 16 Need to be consistant with self image
Lecture 17 Understanding the Power of Suggestion
Lecture 18 Perception is not reality
Lecture 19 What are we trying to achieve?
Lecture 20 Does your past decide your future?
Lecture 21 Simple formula of Happiness
Lecture 22 Building your success mechanism
Lecture 23 Understand what is failure
Lecture 24 How to unlock your real personality
Lecture 25 The Mind Room Technique
Lecture 26 How to become lively?
Lecture 27 How to feel like a winner and not victim?
Lecture 28 Something on Past
Lecture 29 Something on Present
Lecture 30 Something on Future
Lecture 31 Having fun with role playing
Section 4: Practicing Self Compassion for Mental Health & Positivity
Lecture 32 Introduction
Lecture 33 Section Overview
Lecture 34 How do you treat yourself
Lecture 35 How to allow yourself to make mistakes
Lecture 36 The I'm OK Model
Lecture 37 How to let go of resistance
Lecture 38 Building patience - practical tips
Lecture 39 Begin with taking care of your body
Lecture 40 How to practise self compassion the other way
Lecture 41 What is Mindfulness?
Lecture 42 Cognitive Defusion
Lecture 43 Self as Context
Lecture 44 Breath Observation Meditation
Lecture 45 Loving Kindness Meditation
Section 5: Spiritual Aspect of Mental Health & Positivity
Lecture 46 Spirituality for emotional problems
Lecture 47 Developing understanding of suffering
Lecture 48 Ultimate solution to all mental health problems
Lecture 49 Problems in implementation of learnings
Lecture 50 Conclusion
Lecture 51 Course completion
This course is taught by Aman Varma (Accredited Counselor) for Mental Health Professionals


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