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Flips & Kicks Intermediate Guide Martial Arts & Gymnastics

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Jan 21, 2021
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MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.03 GB | Duration: 3h 24m
Learn Intermediate Level Skills in Martial Arts Acrobatics and Gymnastics, Upgrade Fitness,Tricking,Health & Happiness

What you'll learn
You`ll learn 11 different martial arts acrobatic & gymnastics movements taking you step by step to an intermediate level
Each new skill will boost your confidence and you will be surprised about what you are capable of
This training will make you feel better, have better health and more self confidence for daily life
You`ll increase the abilitiy to use your body as something to really play with and "roll around"
The training will teach you exactly how to become stronger, more flexible and super fit
By learning acrobatic flips and kicks you will naturally increase your balance, body control and agility
A positive attitude and the motivation to invest the necessary time in learning martial arts, acrobatics and gymnastic movements.
You will need a soft mat (e.g., your bed mattress or air mattress) and a reasonably open space (e.g., garage, backyard) to safely perform the exercises.
I recommend that you take my previous course "Acrobatic Flips & Kicks | Complete Beginner to Advanced Level Guide".
Do you want to level up your martial arts, acrobatics or gymnastics skills ? But....You did already master some moves but you could need a little help to take it to the next level?You wish to learn cooler flips & kicks and widen your abilities?You want to build more confidence and improve your skills furthermore?In this course I will show you how I took the big step from a beginner to an intermediate level Tricker and how I learned the most popular flips and kicks. And how you can do the exact same thing!Wether you are already doing martial arts acrobatics, gymnastics or tricking and you simply want to widen your skillset or you are a beginner starting out - you will be able to progress at your own pace at home following clear and efficient step by step progressions.Master the Acrobatic Flips & Kicks | Complete Intermediate Level Guide and take your skills to the next level!While there are plenty of tutorials out there that show how to learn martial arts acrobatics, gymnastics, tricking and parkour skills, it is difficult to find a comprehensive intermediate level course like this one. Particularly for those with little time and experience it is hard because there are so many different methods. There is usually no consistent progression line and it is easy to get confused and demotivated after a while.With my courses I try to provide a longterm learning method which will lead you to your desired goal. It offers slow but clear and efficient progressions to learn step by step without the fear of injury and hurting yourself. In addition to the main technical aspects of martial arts acrobatics, gymnastics and tricking moves, it contains many fun lectures like trick challenges, theory lectures and lots of background information about martial arts acrobatics in general.Course BonusesAll the tutorials, chapters and lessons are built upon each other and everything comes from one sourceDirect feedback and help from me your instructor...you can ask me and we will solve any problem togetherThis course builds up on my previous courses and is the perfect additionFilmed in HD quality and a cool design makes course a nice source to work withHigh Quality Slow-Motion videos will show every move from different perspectivesChallenges during the course makes it even more fun to learnThe key things you will learnHow to expand your repertoire of martial arts acrobatics and gymnastics skillsBackground information about all new moves and specific theory lessons to enlarge knowledgeKnowing how to learn acrobatic flips and kicks by following clear and efficient progressionsKnowing how to train safely and without the fear of falling and hurting yourselfMastering all 11 acrobatic moves, flips and kicksKnowing how to combine single moves into "combos" and move like a ninjaMaster all 11 Moves, Kicks & FlipsSwipePop 720 KickCheat 540 KickCheat 720 KickTouch Down RaizButterfly TwistFrontflipSideflipBackflipWebsterFlashkickContents and OverviewThis course starts with a welcoming section. First you will get an overview about the course. I will shortly introduce myself to you so that you know which whom you will work over the duration of this course. After that you will get introduced to the course structure and how to follow the sections and lectures.You start with a warm up routine especially created for acrobatics and gymnastics. It is a full body warm up and you should always do this before your main training.Then you will challenge the main part of this course - the moves! You will start by learning a really awesome ground move aka breakdance skill like the Swipe. Then you will learn advanced kicks like the Pop 720 Kick, the Cheat 540 Kick and the Cheat 720 Kick. And from there it continues with very original and quite unconventional moves like the Touch Down Raiz and the Butterfly Twist. And of course you will finally learn the classic flips like the Frontflip, Sideflip and the Backflip followed by some advanced variations like the Webster and the Flashkick. Step by step and with slow but efficient progressions you will go through 11 moves which will take you to an intermediate level. As a natural side effect you will significantly increase your body control, balance and agility. You will get into better shape than ever and widen your range of abilities.While learning the moves you will also encounter special theory lectures. You will learn new setups and practice two of the most important ways to enter flips. You also gain important knowledge about flipping motions and specific techniques will be explained in more detail.In between the main sections of the moves you will be asked to combine the freshly learned moves with each other. I call these sections "Challenges" and they are designed to challenge you in combining and apply the moves you have already learned. At the end when you have mastered all the moves and feel confident about them - there will be a bonus section for you. In this section you will learn how to combine all the acrobatic flips and kicks and create really interesting combinations. By no later than that, you will have successfully improved to the next level! You have regained your confidence, have full control over your body and your abilities and you can be totally creative in movement!If you want to learn Martial Arts Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Tricking, Flips and Kicks...then this course is exactly right for you!All my fee-based courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee through Udemy. That means you are able to check it out, make sure it`s the right course for you, and get a refund if it`s not.Are you ready to start learning?Do not hesitate and start your training now! With this online course you can take it at your own pace. Even though you might be too busy right now you can enrol today and take the course at your own pace.Try it out and and have fun. Thank you so much for your interest in my course "Acrobatic Flips & Kicks | Complete Intermediate Level Guide".See you inside and .... train smart! Tom Inauen / TOMTRICKS(Disclaimer Notice: In order to perform the exercises effectively and safely you should be in good physical condition prior to beginning the course. By registering for the course or performing these exercises you understand that exercising can lead to physical injury. If you engage in any exercise suggested by Thomas Inauen, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Thomas Inauen from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown arising out of Thomas Inauen`s negligence.)
Section 1: Welcome To Acrobatic Flips & Kicks | Intermediate Level Guide
Lecture 1 Welcome To The Acrobatic Flips&Kicks Complete Intermediate Level Guide
Lecture 2 Course Introduction & Overview
Lecture 3 Tom Introduction & Quick Hello
Lecture 4 Course Structure & How To Follow The Content
Lecture 5 Tomtricks Curriculum & Overview
Section 2: Warm Up - Start Your Training Here
Lecture 6 Intro - About Warming Up Your Body
Lecture 7 Routine 1 - Full Body Warm Up | 8-10 Minutes
Lecture 8 Routine 2 - Kick Based Warm Up Sequence | 2-3 Min
Section 3: Tutorial 1 - The "Swipe"
Lecture 9 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 10 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details!
Lecture 11 Step 1 - Starting Position & Basic Motion
Lecture 12 Step 2 - Swing Legs Up & Kip Hips Up
Lecture 13 Step 3 - Swipes On Both Feet & Adding Setup
Lecture 14 Step 4 - Swipes On One Foot
Section 4: Challenge 1 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 15 Combo 1 - Hook + Dropspin + Swipe
Section 5: Theory 1 - Basic Knowledge about Setups
Lecture 16 Intro - About Setup`s
Lecture 17 Setup Theory - General Explanation and Overview covering the Most Common Types
Section 6: Tutorial 2 - The "Pop 720 Kick"
Lecture 18 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 19 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 20 Step 1 - Learn How To Twist Upright
Lecture 21 Step 2 - Combine Run-Up & Twisting
Lecture 22 Step 3 - Land On One Leg
Lecture 23 Step 4 - Extend The Leg
Lecture 24 Step 5 - Add The Kick!
Section 7: Challenge 2 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 25 Combo 1 - Pop 720 + Hook + Cartwheel
Lecture 26 Combo 2 - Pop 720 + Hook + Aerial
Section 8: Setup 1 - The "Cheat Setup"
Lecture 27 Intro - About This Setup
Lecture 28 Step 1 - Practice & Memorise The Motion
Section 9: Tutorial 3 - The "Cheat 540 Kick"
Lecture 29 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 30 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 31 Step 1 - Tornado Kick High & Powerful
Lecture 32 Step 2 - Land With Both Feet Together
Lecture 33 Step 3 - Keep Away One Leg
Lecture 34 Step 4 -Create The Kick!
Section 10: Challenge 3 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 35 Combo 1 - Hook + 540 Kick + Cartwheel
Lecture 36 Combo 2 - Hook + 540 Kick + Aerial
Section 11: Tutorial 4 - The "Cheat 720 Kick"
Lecture 37 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 38 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 39 Step 1 - Cheat Setup & Spin
Lecture 40 Step 2 - Better Control
Lecture 41 Step 3 - Try To Kick!
Lecture 42 Step 4 - Momentum, Timing & Tips
Section 12: Challenge 4 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 43 Combo 1 - Hook + Cheat 720 + Tornado
Section 13: Theory 2 - Basic Knowledge about Gumbi, TdRaiz & Raiz
Lecture 44 Intro - About Raiz Type Moves
Lecture 45 Raiz Theory - General Explanation and Overview
Section 14: Tutorial 5 - The "Touch Down Raiz"
Lecture 46 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 47 Progressions - All Steps One By One
Lecture 48 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 49 Step 1 - Jump Into The Gumbi
Lecture 50 Step 2 - Swing Through The Right Hand
Lecture 51 Step 3 - Twist The Body In A Linear Motion
Section 15: Challenge 5 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 52 Combo 1 - Hook + TdRaiz
Section 16: Setup 2 - The "Two Step Run-Up"
Lecture 53 Intro - About This Setup
Lecture 54 Step 1 - Practice & Memorise The Motion
Section 17: Tutorial 6 - The "Butterfly Twist"
Lecture 55 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 56 Progressions - All Steps One By One
Lecture 57 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 58 Step 1 - Repeat The Butterfly Kick
Lecture 59 Step 2 - Practice The Twist From Standing
Lecture 60 Step 3 - Pull Your Leg Up
Lecture 61 Step 4 - Search The Landing!
Lecture 62 Step 5 - Add The Run-Up
Section 18: Challenge 6 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 63 Combo 1 - Hook + B-Twist
Lecture 64 Combo 2 - Hook + B-Twist + Hook + Tornado
Section 19: Theory 3 - Basic Knowledge about Flipping Motions
Lecture 65 Intro - About Flipping Motions
Lecture 66 Flip Theory - The 3 Main Axis Of Flips
Section 20: Tutorial 7 - The "Frontflip"
Lecture 67 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 68 Progressions - All Steps One By One
Lecture 69 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 70 Step 1 - The Setup
Lecture 71 Step 2 - The Dive Roll
Lecture 72 Step 3 - Flip It!
Lecture 73 Step 4 - Land It High & Comfortable
Section 21: Tutorial 8 - The "Sideflip"
Lecture 74 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 75 Progressions - All Steps One By One
Lecture 76 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 77 Step 1 - The "Setup"
Lecture 78 Step 2 - Falling Over
Lecture 79 Step 3 - Add Momentum & Tucking Motion
Lecture 80 Step 4 - Adding The Run-Up
Lecture 81 Step 5 - Land It High & Comfortable
Section 22: Tutorial 9 - The "Backflip"
Lecture 82 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 83 Progressions - All Steps One By One
Lecture 84 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 85 Step 1 - Do A High Backhandspring
Lecture 86 Step 2 - Pull Back Your Arms
Lecture 87 Step 3 - Pull The Knees To Your Chest
Lecture 88 Step 4 - Looking Forward
Section 23: Challenge 7 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 89 Combo 1 - Cartwheel + Backflip
Lecture 90 Combo 2 - Handstand + Backflip
Section 24: Tutorial 10 - The "Webster"
Lecture 91 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 92 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 93 Step 1 - Run-Up & Setup
Lecture 94 Step 2 - Add The Flip To The Motion
Lecture 95 Step 3 - Land It On The Ground
Section 25: Tutorial 11 - The "Flashkick"
Lecture 96 Intro - About This Trick
Lecture 97 Slow Motion - Analyse The Details
Lecture 98 Step 1 - Land Backflip With Legs Separated
Lecture 99 Step 2 - Push Your Hips Up
Lecture 100 Step 3 - Kick & Switch The Legs
Section 26: Challenge 8 - Test your Skills!
Lecture 101 Combo 1 - Cartwheel + Flashkick
Lecture 102 Combo 2 - Hook + Dropspin + Swipe + Flashkick
Section 27: Conclusion
Lecture 103 Congratulations - You Made It!
For all who want to improve and expand their gymnastics and acrobatics skills,For those interested in learning acrobatic flips and kicks in general,For those interested in learning gymnastics and martial arts related movements,Trickers, Martial Artists, Acrobats, Artists, Fitness & Training Enthusiasts, Dancers, Stuntmen, Traceurs & Freerunners

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