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Exploring The Dark Goddess

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Oct 3, 2022
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Exploring The Dark Goddess
Published 10/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.01 GB | Duration: 3h 28m

Using Myth to meet the Shadow Self​

What you'll learn
Who is the Dark Goddess and what makes a Goddess a "Dark" Goddess.
Identify various categories of Dark Goddesses found within mythology.
Learn about the popular concept of the Triple Goddess and the moon, and where the Dark Goddess fits.
The possible origins of our rejection of the sacred mysteries governed by the Dark Goddess.
An introduction to the concept of "shadow" and "shadow work" as it is found within Jungian psychology.
Understand what is meant by "spiritual by-passing".
Explore the sacred myths and associations of Dark Goddesses from Wales, western Africa and ancient Mesopotamia.
Learn how to connect with the Dark Goddess in order to gain a deeper insight into challenges in your own life.
Meet the Dark Goddess, or an aspect of her, through a powerful meditation.
Gain insight into a personal practice with the Hindu Dark Goddess, Kali.
Bonus Self Care Meditation
An interest in mythology.
An interest in self-healing or self-improvement at a deeper soul level.
An open and curious mind.
What does the word "dark" mean to you?Do you think of something that is evil and frightening? Or are you filled with awe and wonder?If the concept of "Goddess" means "divine feminine", what then is a "Dark Goddess"?Can something that is "divine" also be "evil and frightening"?Within mythology there are certain goddesses, aspects of the divine feminine, who seem to taunt or challenge us mere mortals, reminding us of our failings and our own mortality. They are depicted as being sexually alluring temptresses, evil hags residing in the darkness forests or deep the Underworld, or worse, destroying mothers. These Dark Goddesses can haunt our dreams, bring chaos to our organised lives, or even push us to our limits. Yet, there is more to them than that.When we connect with the Dark Goddess, or the various aspects from mythology that fall under this title, we find that they can offer us comfort from a world of pain, and a place of much needed rest to heal and replenish our soul.If we are brave enough to step through the veil and pass their initiations, they bestow sacred gifts upon us - the gifts of understanding the light that is contained within our own darkness, our "shadow".These Dark Goddesses help us to "get real" in an ever-increasing world filled with superficial layerings.Their teachings may appear harsh, yet their love is fierce and deep.Are you brave enough to step through the veil into the realm of the Dark Goddess?Are you able to prove yourself worthy of their sacred teachings?Are you ready to open your own Pandora's Box and expose your failings?Are you able to accept that precious gem hidden deep within your soul?
Section 1: Introduction to this Course
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Who is the Dark Goddess?
Lecture 2 The Dark Goddess within Mythology
Lecture 3 The Triple Goddess, the Moon and the Dark Goddess
Section 3: Rejection of the Dark Goddess
Lecture 4 Rejection of the Dark Goddess
Section 4: Entering the Shadow
Lecture 5 The Dark Goddess and the Shadow
Lecture 6 Spiritual Bypassing
Section 5: Meet the Dark Goddess
Lecture 7 Meditation: Meeting the Dark Goddess
Section 6: Exploring the Dark Goddess Myths
Lecture 8 The Welsh Goddess Cerridwen
Lecture 9 Working with Cerridwen
Lecture 10 The West African Goddess Oya
Lecture 11 Ereshkigal, the Sumerian Queen of the Great Below
Lecture 12 Meeting the Queen of the Great Below
Section 7: A Personal Working with the Dark Goddess
Lecture 13 Connecting with Kali Ma
Section 8: Additional Lecture
Lecture 14 Self Care Meditation
This course is for anyone curious in learning about the "darker" aspect of the Divine Feminine depicted in various mythologies from around the world.,This course is for anyone interested in analysing the sacred myth with the view to revealing possible deeper meanings.,This course is for anyone interested in learning how to connect with their shadow or hidden aspects of self through understanding mythology and sacred stories.,This course is for anyone seeking ways to better understand their own selves through finding meaning in the experiences that they may have had gone through in order to gain an understanding of the strength or power that such experiences can bring.,This course is for anyone who feels the need to become "whole" in a world that is focused largely only on the "light".,This course is for anyone wishing to establish a personal relationship with aspects of the Dark Goddess in order to undertake inner healing.,This course is for anyone regardless of how they identify as - it is for men, women, non-binary - everyone. The Dark Goddess does not discriminate.


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Jan 17, 2022
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