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Emsat Achieve Math Test Preparation As Per The Moe - Uae

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Emsat Achieve Math Test Preparation As Per The Moe - Uae
Published 8/2023
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Language: English | Size: 6.75 GB | Duration: 20h 25m
EmSAT Achieve math course provides complete preparation focusing on Algebra, Geometry, & Statistics as per MOE syllabus

What you'll learn
This course provides a complete preparation to ace the EmSAT Achieve math in first attempt with highest score. Students will learn about concepts & tricks
The course is designed as per the standards of EmSAT Achieve math test and the syllabus provided by the ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates.
This course includes questions and concepts which are commonly tested on the EmSAT Achieve exam along with shortcuts, techniques and tips.
At the end of the course you will be studied approximately 300+ variety of questions which very similar to the actual EmSAT exam.
At the end of the course, students will be familiar with operation calculators and solving most of the questions directly on the calculator
To completely understand the syllabus, It is recommended to take at least 15 to 20 days time. If you are at basic level time needed to prepare is 30+ days
At the end of the course, students will have all necessary skills, trick, techniques and time management abilities to successfully complete the test on time.
EmSAT Achieve math course cover from basics of math to advance. For better understanding of the course content basic knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, and statistics is advantageous.
If you you do not have any prior knowledge of advance concepts in math, not to worry, course cover from very basic to advance level.
EmSAT Achieve math is a computer adaptive test conducted by ministry of Education, UAE. This test assesses students subject knowledge and skills gained throughout the schooling. Most of the universities in UAE requires EmSAT Achieve math score for admissions to the different programs such as Engineering, Medicine, Business etc. The course presented here is as per the standard of EmSAT Achieve test. Duration of the course is 20 hours which cover every topics in detail with solving 350+ sample questions. At the end of the course student will learn about techniques, skills, and use of calculator to solve some of most complex problems in very short span of time. The course book used here is as per the latest updation of 2023 - 2024 provided by the ministry of Education which cover all possible types of question you can expect in the actual EmSAT Test. The questions included in the course is designed by taking continuous feedback from the students who took actual EmSAT Test and got over 1500+ score. Each questions are designed carefully to make students subject concept clear. At the end of the course students learn skills such as shortcut techniques, eliminate wrong choices, and time management strategies. Overall, this is a complete package of EmSAT Achieve math test preparation to ace the test in first attempt
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Introduction to the EmSAT Achieve Math Test
Section 2: EmSAT Achieve Math Test - Algebra
Lecture 3 Math Foundation - Chapter 1
Lecture 4 Polynomials - Chapter 2
Lecture 5 Linear Equations - Chapter 3
Lecture 6 Absolute values and Inequalities - Chapter 4
Lecture 7 System of Equations - Chapter 5
Lecture 8 Complex Numbers - Chapter 6
Lecture 9 Exponents and Roots - Chapter 7
Lecture 10 Functions and Graphs - Chapter 8
Lecture 11 Vectors - Chapter 9
Lecture 12 Series - Chapter 10
Lecture 13 Logarithms - Chapter 11
Lecture 14 Matrix - Chapter 12
Lecture 15 Trigonometry - Chapter 13
Lecture 16 Limits and continuity - Chapter 14
Lecture 17 Differentiation (Part I) - Chapter 15
Lecture 18 Differentiation ( part II) - Chapter 15
Lecture 19 Integration - Chapter 16
Section 3: EmSAT Achieve Math Test - Geometry
Lecture 20 Plane Geometry( Part I) - Chapter 1
Lecture 21 Plane Geometry( Part II) - Chapter 1
Lecture 22 Solid Geometry - Chapter 2
Lecture 23 Transformations - Chapter 4
Section 4: EmSAT Achieve Math Test - Statistics
Lecture 24 Data Types and Percentage - Chapter 1
Lecture 25 Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Frequency - Chapter 2
Lecture 26 Probability and Standard Deviation - chapter 3
Lecture 27 Rates and Ratios - Chapter 4
Lecture 28 Analysis of Graphs - Chapter 5
Lecture 29 Miscellaneous - Chapter 6
This course mainly covers the EmSAT Achieve math test syllabus provided by Ministry of Education - UAE. Students who are looking to appear for the EmSAT Test and willing to get required score are eligible to take this course.,Students who are currently in grade 10 and above are eligible to take this course. Specially if you are looking to have very strong foundation in math, it's highly advised to take the course. Course is as per the EmSAT Test syllabus, but it covers most of the concepts needed for any school/universities.

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