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Dowsing With Pendulum-Neutralize Radiation And Diagnostic

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Dowsing With Pendulum-Neutralize Radiation And Diagnostic
Last updated 2/2023
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Language: English | Size: 5.02 GB | Duration: 4h 0m
Intermediate dowsing (radiestesia)

Free Download What you'll learn
Complete theory of dowsing and knowledge required to do any dowsing work.
How to heal physically, distantly and how to scramble negative into positive frequencies to live better life.
How to find and treat negative radiation.
How to advance their dowsing practice and increase their healing and psychic abilities.
How to use power of intent to influence life for better, heal and improve everything and anything.
Ethical codex of healer and how to avoid karmic debts by respecting universal laws.
No previous knowledge needed, only willingness to practice, a lot!
Use the structure of your energetic and informational anatomy and function of your Will (intent) to influence your life circumstances and external reality constructively and positively. Mechanism of transfer are your nerve and muscle fibers and dowsing tools ( L-rods, pendulums, bobbers etc.) are just pointers of what is happening. It shows you how much energy it takes for task to be solved, what type of energy is it, how much improvement there is and how quality of energy flow is changing. This course will give you very solid foundations for dowsing, especially pendulum work.Learn skill that many of ancient tribes used in order to solve things effectively. Dowsers are often referred as most powerful people on the Planet, so join us!This course is comprehensive, effective, practically oriented and very intensive one! Also, there are all four levels covered, so do not worry if you do not have previous experience.Here is what you are going to learn:What is dowsing-Misconceptions of dowsingSet conventions in order to understand answers on commands you are giving to your energy fieldDifferent tools-advantages and disadvantagesHow to determine your best dowsing toolIdeal set up for dowsing sessionHow to get punctual resultsHow to use dowsing chartsDiagnostics with dowsingDifferent levels of dowsingDifferent healing techniquesEnergetic cleansingHot to utilize crystals in dowsing healing sessionSpace cleansing and negative radiation removalNeutralizing geopathic stressHow to differentiate commands, sequences, packages and proceduresAccuracy of information and filtering informationEthical codex for becoming better healerHow karmic laws are workingCarl Carpenter and Marcel Vogel workThere are a lot of mind maps and pictures, as quick learning devices that will help you learn theory faster. There are four mini books and book of Raymon Grace, in which there are a lot of procedures, packages, sequences and commands for different topics.KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS ONLY BASIC AND INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, AND IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMANDED TO GET MY OTHER DOWSING COURSE (DOWSING WITH PENDULUM-ALL LEVELS IN ONE COURSE), IN ORDER TO GET FULL PICTURE, UNDERSTANDING AND PRACTICAL TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE SO YOU CAN START USING IT FULLY AND SUCCESSFULLY IN YOUR LIFE.The course is very practical, concrete, comprehensive, esoteric but very demanding and you should practice regularly and be able to catch information quickly and apply it. As every dowser, you need to be quick, creative, open-minded and ready to work a lot. If you are willing to ask any questions you can do it here via Udemy or send me an email and I will be glad to answer you as best I can!#pendulum #water dowsing #Spiritual Alchemy
Section 1: Introduction and basics
Lecture 1 History, definition and types of dowsing
Lecture 2 Practicum-Determine your conventions
Lecture 3 Determine your dowsing sensitivity final
Lecture 4 Structure of dowsing session theory final
Lecture 5 Practucum-Structuring session final
Lecture 6 L3-Areas of appliacation final
Lecture 7 Information and what with it
Lecture 8 Putting all basics together
Section 2: Healing, tools and basics of disagnostic
Lecture 9 Dowsing tools
Lecture 10 Dowsing tools 2
Lecture 11 Practicum-Determine ideal healing plants for you
Lecture 12 Radiation theory final
Lecture 13 Practicum-Clear appartmant or space from negative radiation
Lecture 14 Diet and supplements
Lecture 15 Your best dowsing tool
Lecture 16 Why you do not get accurate results
Lecture 17 Beliefs-Practicum
Section 3: Healing
Lecture 18 Lesson 1
Lecture 19 Lesson 2
Lecture 20 Lesson 3
Lecture 21 Lesson 4
Lecture 22 Lesson 5
Lecture 23 Healing with dowsing
Lecture 24 Lesson 6
Everyone interested in learning dowsing, energy healers looking for expanding healing repertoare.,Mystics, psychics, energy healers, alchemists, gnostics.,Dowsers with experience to get new ideas and alternative medicine practitioners.,Everyone wants to use their power of intent to create life they desire.

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