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Divine Installations Of Abundance, Expansion And Prosperity

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.85 GB | Duration: 2h 19m
Overcome blocks, restrictions & change your mindset, through the awakening & enlightening effects of the Divine Energy.

What you'll learn
Learn what Divine Installations are, how they work and how they can benefit you.
Receive Divine Installations of Abundance.
Receive Divine Installations of Expansion.
Receive Divine Installations of Prosperity.
There is no requirement for this course.
Hello and welcome to the "Divine Installations of Abundance, Expansion and Prosperity" course.My name is Nickolas Mparalos and I welcome you to join me in a spiritual experience, through which you will receive Divine Installations created and offered through the love of the Creator, which will enrich your life and help you overcome personal blocks.In this course, you will receive Divine Installations designed to help you with the concepts of Abundance, Expansion and Prosperity. Furthermore, you will learn what Installations are and how they affect you and what Divine Installations are, how they work and how they can benefit your life. If you experience difficulties in any of these concepts, if you tried to overcome your struggles but you still can't find your way to reach your own sacred Abundance, Expansion and Prosperity, then this course is the right fit for you. In the multi-complex phenomena that manifest in the entire soul structure of the being, there are dysfunctions created within the being, that cannot be comprehended by the perception of the individual. In lack of awareness, one is unable to resolve some issues, to resolve dysfunctions and to return to a natural and harmonious state of being. Sometimes we are unable to manifest a desired change, due to the fact that we miss information. We miss understanding. Because in the presence of understanding, change follows up easily. Even if you face total lack of awareness on something and don't know why you experience a block, a difficulty or even a dysfunction, Divine Installations will make you understand all that you need to understand, because the Divine Energy of the Creator, is able to overpower everything and by providing awakening and enlightening effects to the consciousness of the individual, it can restore everything in their original and proper state.Lastly, Divine Installations and their effect last for a lifetime, which means that all work that you will do through this spiritual practice, all benefits which you will receive and all results that you will conquer, will be permanent, allowing you to move on in your life and the concepts of Abundance, Expansion and Prosperity, with a free mind, unconcerned of troubles and struggles.I hope that this course will provide you a unique learning spiritual experience and a practical, yet beautiful transformation in your actual life. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!Divine Blessings,Nickolas Mparalos!Title of Music used in Meditations is "In Spiritus" by "Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by "Enlightened Audio".
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome and Introduction.
Lecture 2 Installations.
Lecture 3 Divine Installations.
Section 2: Abundance, Expansion, Prosperity.
Lecture 4 Abundance.
Lecture 5 Expansion.
Lecture 6 Prosperity.
Section 3: The Divine Installations ~ Guided Meditations.
Lecture 7 Divine Installations on Abundance ~ Part 1.
Lecture 8 Divine Installations on Abundance ~ Part 2.
Lecture 9 Divine Installations on Abundance ~ Part 3.
Lecture 10 Divine Installations on Expansion.
Lecture 11 Divine Installations on Prosperity ~ Part 1.
Lecture 12 Divine Installations on Prosperity ~ Part 2.
Lecture 13 Unification of the Divine Installations.
Section 4: Closure and final notes.
Lecture 14 Closure and final notes.
Lecture 15 Bonus.
Anyone interested in overcoming personal blocks in all matters that abundance, expansion and prosperity deal with.
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