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Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole - Full Stack Writer Download 2024

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole - Full Stack Writer Download Links 2024 ⭐✅ ⭐✅
Quiz: Is Full Stack Writer for you?

1. Are you brand new to writing online and need a crash-course on how to clarify your niche, attract readers, nurture customers, and launch digital products? This is everything you could possibly need to know to be successful in the Creator Economy. 2. Have you been spending months (or years) building an audience, but haven't made any money? We show you how you can start making $1k, $5k, even $10k per month with 1,000 followers or less. 3. Does your career feel uncertain due to the AI Revolution? Instead of being afraid of AI, we show you how to turn this powerful technology into your personal Digital Writing & Research Assistant (your new best friend!). If any of these sound familiar then Full Stack Writer was made for you!

Your Full Stack Writer Instructors

Created by the founders of Ship 30 for 30, Premium Ghostwriting Academy, Typeshare, Write With AI, and more!
Dickie Bush

Former Wall Street trader at Blackrock turned Digital Writer & Digital Entrepreneur. Creator of Ship 30 for 30the fastest-growing cohort-based writing program on the Internet.
Nicolas Cole

Author of the best-selling book, The Art & Business of Online Writing. Founder of the first ghostwriting agency for Silicon Valley founders & executives
A few data points to show, when it comes to writing online, we know what were talking about!

  • Over 100,000 email subscribers.Over 600,000 combined social media followers.
  • 2 paid newsletters making 6 figures in annual recurring revenue.
  • 2 writing programs (Ship 30 & PGA) to multi-7-figures in revenue.
  • 1 SaaS writing platform making 6 figures in annual recurring revenue.

No more fragmented information... Finally, a roadmap from $0 to $1,000,000 you can follow. All beginner writers & creators face the same 7 problems:

  • Imposter Syndrome: The fear of putting yourself out there.
  • Niche Wandering: Feeling lost trying to find your target audience.
  • Audience Building Tunnel Vision: Prioritizing follower growth at all costs (causing burnout!)
  • Intangible Offer Creation: The mistake of selling products/servicesnot outcomes.
  • Sales Email Phobia: The anxiety of pitching your email list on something that costs money.
  • AI Overwhelm: Choosing to be afraid of AI, instead of becoming its best friend.
  • Freelancer Scarcity: The faulty belief that you cant charge a premium as a writer.

And in Full Stack Writer, we show you how to demolish all of theseone by one.
Find Your 1st TopicDominate Your 1st Niche

The biggest mistake writers make? Trying to find their niche. We dont believe in finding your forever niche. We believe in picking your 1st topic, dominating your 1st niche, and building the skill of niching down so that you can continue to grow, change what you write about, and hop around to different niches over the course of your life. If we gave up our Digital Writing niche today, and decided to jump to a completely different niche (sayReal Estate), we know we would be successful. Why? Because once you build the skill of dominating a niche, you can dominate ANY niche. And we wrote the book on how to niche down. (Literally: Cole is one of the original co-founders & co-authors of Category Pirates, the leading authority on Category Design and niching downand has been paid millions of dollars from companies to help them Name & Claim their niche.)
Build Your LibraryAttract Your Audience.

The second biggest mistake writers make? Trying to build an audience. No, no, no! You dont build an audience. You build a valuable library of content, in a niche, that solves 1 persons problems. And THENas your library grows, the Internet goes out and finds all the other people just like them. This is our roadmap for building a valuable, timeless, niche library that guarantees you will attract the audience you desire. (Note: This is the EXACT playbook we use ourselvesas well as the playbook we have given to thousands of other creators. Many of whom have gone on to build giant audiences, launch products, and hit 6 or 7 figures in revenue.)
Create Your Irresistible OfferMake Money Forever

The third biggest mistake writers make? Well, its all of these things combined:

  • Not understanding how to create a Tangible Offer.
  • Not understanding how to frame that Offer on a landing page.
  • Not understanding how to educate (not sell) potential customers on that Offer via email.

Sales Page:
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Jan 17, 2022
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