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Couples Therapy Meets Art Therapy

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Couples Therapy Meets Art Therapy
Published 8/2023
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Language: English | Size: 3.65 GB | Duration: 3h 9m
Using Art Therapy as part of Couples Therapy and Counselling

What you'll learn
How to use artwork in Couple Therapy and Counselling
The differences between Couples Therapy and Counselling
A range of therapies including Imago and Narrative
Interpretation of artwork by one of the Instructors
The usefulness of doodles and sketching
There are no specific requirements. However it would be beneficial if you had a specific time that you could allocate to this course, where you would not be distracted. Then you can concentrate on the lectures and the exercises contained within.
First and foremost, completion of this course will give you the Oxford Diploma. To achieve the standard you will have:1. Participated fully in the Q/A2. Worked through the 10 pieces of art-related homework (this is applying artwork to couples therapy)3. Fully understood Couple Therapy4. Have worked through (either on your own or with others) the many exercises and activities for couples5. Read through and done all the Art Therapy exercises (specifically for this course) in the accompanying manualEven if you're not interested in going for the Diploma, this course has a wealth of activities, activities for experiencing and discussing!The course itself covers:1. Psychodynamic therapy2. Cognitive behavioural therapy3. Imago therapy4. Narrative therapy5. Solution-based therapy6. The role of Abstract Art in Couples Therapy7. Doodles - and their interpretation8. Sketching9. Sonnet-writing (with examples)10. Input from Tracy (the second Instructor)So - importantly - you have in this course:a. A manual including Art Therapy exercises written specifically for this courseb. Two Instructorsc. A series of homework lectures using famous paintingsThe significance of all the above is that with TWO Instructors you will have more interaction in the Q/A; with a dedicated manual you'll have exercises and analysis not featured elsewhere; with one Instructor's own work (Tracy) you'll be able to discuss her interpretation and application as well, of course, as analysis of artwork elsewhere on the course.More personalMore interactionGreater originalityPlus the Oxford Diploma
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction - Couples...or Counselling?
Section 2: Therapies
Lecture 2 Psychodynamic therapy
Lecture 3 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - pt 1
Lecture 4 Cognitive behavioural therapy - pt 2
Lecture 5 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - pt 3
Lecture 6 Emotionally focused
Lecture 7 Narrative therapy
Lecture 8 Solution-based therapy
Lecture 9 Reflective Listening - pt 1
Lecture 10 Reflective listening - pt 2
Lecture 11 Imago therapy
Section 3: Art
Lecture 12 The role of abstract art in couples therapy
Lecture 13 The role of abstract art - pt 2
Lecture 14 Insights
Lecture 15 Abstract Painting Interpretation
Lecture 16 Identity collage
Section 4: Sonnets
Lecture 17 Sonnets - part 1
Lecture 18 Sonnets - part 2
Section 5: Doodles
Lecture 19 Doodles
Lecture 20 Is doodling a powerful tool?
Lecture 21 Tracy's doodles
Section 6: Art Therapy at Home
Lecture 22 Art Therapy at Home
Lecture 23 The Rainy Drive
Section 7: Sketching
Lecture 24 Sketching
Lecture 25 Tracy's sketches - 1
Lecture 26 Tracy's sketches - 2
Lecture 27 Tracy's sketches - 3
Section 8: Hares
Lecture 28 Hares exercise -1
Lecture 29 Hares Exercise - 2
Section 9: Conclusion
Lecture 30 Conclusion
Section 10: Homework
Lecture 31 Homework - 1
Lecture 32 Homework - 2
Lecture 33 Homework - 3
Lecture 34 Homework - 4
Lecture 35 Homework - 5
Lecture 36 Homework - 6
Lecture 37 Homework - 7
Lecture 38 Homework - 8
Lecture 39 Homework - 9
Lecture 40 Homework - 10
All couples,All art-lovers who are also/may become lovers,All interested in a career in Art Therapy,All interested in a career in Couples Therapy and/or Counselling,Anyone who likes an original approach to topics,Everyone who actually likes to participate in courses!

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Jan 17, 2022
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