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Compuread Level 2 Stories 9-10 For K-1St Grade

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Free Download Compuread Level 2 Stories 9-10 For K-1St Grade
Published 8/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 763.52 MB | Duration: 1h 25m
Beginning Reading and Writing for the Pre-K and Kindergarten Student for Early Reading Intervention

What you'll learn
Reading and Picture Comprehension of Literal, Interpretive and Inference
How to Draw Conclusions of Written Text
How to Solve Problems based in the Input Received
How to Listen for Specific Sounds in Words While Reading
Learning about many of the parts of the English Language; digraphs, consonants, vowels, etc.
CompuRead highly recommends the student and parent/teacher first work with Level 1 to learn the basics of English alphabet.
An understanding of the alphabet sounds, letter blends as taught in Level 1 stories.
Once an understanding of all alphabet letters are well established, the learner now can progress in more advanced reading concepts and language structure.
The Witch that Shivered is all about being accepted. Our main character, Vonda, shows her vicious inner feelings and penned-up feelings that's been with her for quite a while. She's recently moved from another school due and now needs to make new friends in her new class and school.Because of her lack of self confidence at her last school, and struggling with making friends, Vonda is now going to show her new classmates that she's someone who distrusts others due to her past experiences. She'll show them not to be mean and not to talk about her behind her back and brings "mud cookies" to school to share with Miss. Arlington's class.Vonda's mother understands that it's difficult making new friends and helps Vonda out by having a surprise for her and her new classmates.Because of Vonda learned how to trust people and making new friends, she now feels much more confident in attending her new school and fits right in with her classmates.This story can be directly related to other students with similar feelings who struggle to gain a confident outlook toward life and themselves. Teachers can use this story to discuss with their class what they can do to welcome new students into their class.Parents: Please be aware that you'll need to register any underage child and monitor the progress during the course instruction and completion.
Section 1: Level 2 Story 9 The Witch that Shivered
Lecture 1 Introduction to CompuRead Level 2 Story 9 The Witch that Shivered
Lecture 2 CompuRead Level 2 Story 9 Module 1
Lecture 3 CompuRead Level 2 Story 9 Module 2
Lecture 4 CompuRead Level 2 Story 9 Module 3
Section 2: Level 2 Story 10 Mr. King and His Gang
Lecture 5 Introduction to Level 2 Story 10 Mr. King and His Gang
Lecture 6 CompuRead Level 2 Story 10 Module 1
Lecture 7 CompuRead Level 2 Story 10 Module 2
Lecture 8 CompuRead Level 2 Story 10 Module 3
Level 2 is designed for the Kindergarten Student and 1st Grade student to begin working with the phonetic elements and letter blends.,Level 2 emphasizes more advanced phonetic elements of words and sentence structure.

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