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Complete Financial Modeling Course With 8 Industry Models

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 9/2022
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Language: English | Size: 20.95 GB | Duration: 30h 19m
All in one course to learn Financial Modeling with practical examples and case studies. One stop to upskill in Finance.

What you'll learn
Work with Excel to perform Financial Analysis and build Financial Model
Apply financial knowledge like Time Value of Money in both personal and professional life
Analyse Financial Statement and idendity key performing factors of the company
Work on Project Finance and Equity Valuation models and reach a conclusion to make a decision
Understand businesses across various sectors
Perform Equity Valuation of any company from any industry
No prior skills required for this course. The course is designed to give you all the skills from beginner to advance.
Only thing you need is consistency and patience. Only these two things are required to make the most out of this course
Hi there,So you have finally decided to learn Financial Modeling. Congratulations on taking your first step for a career in Investment Banking. This course will provide you everything you need to know, learn, and build your skill to get a job into Investment Banking Front Office roles.This course does not require you to have any pre-requisite knowledge or skills, This course will teach everything from beginning. This course has got you covered for everything. There are lot's of content available in this course, but don't get confused as to what you will be learning. If you follow the flow, you will gain skills in the following order:1) Excel for Finance - Here you will learn Excel from beginning. You will learn functions, operators, referencing, charts etc.2) Financial Mathematics - Here you will learn financial concepts like Time Value of Money, Basics of Statistics and some basic Valuation knowledge that you need to have.3) Financial Statement Analysis - Here you will learn how to analyze financial statements like Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement and also learn how to perorm Ratio AnalysisSo far, you have gained all the basic knowledge you require to build a financial model. So the next sections are where we deep dive into building Financial Models.You will learn to build financial models from different domains such as:1) IT Services2) Manufacturing3) Auto Ancilary4) Mergers and Acquisitions5) Leverage Buy-out Modeling6) Renewable Energy7) Port Development8) Real Estate ValuationAll the best and Happy Learning!!!!
Section 1: Welcome Course Introduction
Lecture 1 A brief about this course
Lecture 2 How does the finance industry work
Lecture 3 Structure of Investment Banks
Lecture 4 Basic Terminolgies used in Investment Banking
Section 2: Basics of Excel for Beginners
Lecture 5 Excel Layout & All Templates for this section
Lecture 6 Home ribbon in Excel
Lecture 7 Other Ribbons in Excel
Lecture 8 Relative Referencing
Lecture 9 One Dimentional Data Table
Section 3: Excel Basic Operator Functions
Lecture 10 Daily Excel Functions - Sum, Average, Count
Lecture 11 The need for logical functions
Lecture 12 Using the logical IF Funtion
Lecture 13 Logical Operator Nested If Function Case
Lecture 14 Excel Conditional Operators
Section 4: Excel Data Analysis
Lecture 15 Pivot Table
Lecture 16 VlookUp
Lecture 17 Index-Match
Lecture 18 Charts
Lecture 19 Data Visualization - Best Practices
Lecture 20 Financial Analysis Template
Section 5: Additional Practice Asisgnments
Section 6: Time Value of Money
Lecture 21 What is Time Value of Money?
Lecture 22 Compounding Introduction
Lecture 23 Frequency of Compounding
Lecture 24 Continuous Compounding
Lecture 25 Discounting
Lecture 26 Introduction to Rate
Lecture 27 Series of Cashflow
Lecture 28 Beginning and Ending Cashflow
Lecture 29 Problems with IRR
Lecture 30 Goal Seek Function
Lecture 31 TVM Functions
Section 7: Statistics for Finance
Lecture 32 Introduction to Statistics
Lecture 33 Introduction to Risk
Lecture 34 Central Position of Data
Lecture 35 Calculating Risk
Lecture 36 Presenting and Analysing Data
Section 8: Valuation Essentials
Lecture 37 Introduction to Valuations
Lecture 38 Valuations Nuances
Lecture 39 Deep Dive into Valuation Methods
Lecture 40 Cost of Capital
Lecture 41 Other sources of Capital
Lecture 42 Cost of Equity
Lecture 43 Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Lecture 44 Calculating Levered and Unlevered Beta
Section 9: Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
Lecture 45 Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
Lecture 46 Financial Reporting - Introduction to Accounting
Lecture 47 Mechanics Excercise - Part 1
Lecture 48 Mechanics Excercise - Part 2
Lecture 49 Mechanics Excercise - Part 3
Section 10: Understanding Financial Statements
Lecture 50 Income Statement - Format
Lecture 51 Income Statement - Revenue Recognition
Lecture 52 Income Statement - Expense Recognition
Lecture 53 Income Statement - EPS
Lecture 54 Balance Sheet - Introduction
Lecture 55 Balance Sheet - Assets
Lecture 56 Balance Sheet - Marketable Securities
Lecture 57 Cash Flow Statement - Introduction
Lecture 58 Free Cash Flow
Section 11: Application of Financial Statement Analysis
Lecture 59 Introduction to Ratios
Lecture 60 Profit Ratios
Lecture 61 Activity Ratios
Lecture 62 Insight on Activity and Profit
Lecture 63 Returns Ratios
Lecture 64 Solvency Ratios - Part 1
Lecture 65 Solvency Ratios - Part 2
Lecture 66 Insights on Solvency and Returns Ratios
Lecture 67 Liquidity and Valuation Ratios
Lecture 68 Insight on Liquidity and Valuation Ratios
Lecture 69 DuPont Analysis
Lecture 70 Insight on DuPont Analysis
Section 12: Advance Accounting Concepts
Lecture 71 Inventory
Lecture 72 Capitalization
Lecture 73 Depreciation
Lecture 74 Impairment
Lecture 75 Leases
Lecture 76 Minority Interest
Lecture 77 Taxes
Section 13: IT Sector Model- Persistent Systems
Lecture 78 IT Sector Overview
Lecture 79 Persistent Company Overview
Lecture 80 Creating a Research Template
Lecture 81 Historical Data Entry
Lecture 82 Quarterly Data Entry
Lecture 83 Revenue Forecasting approaches
Lecture 84 Revenue Drivers- Segment Approach- Part 1
Lecture 85 Revenue Drivers- Segment Approach- Part 2
Lecture 86 Revenue Drivers- Billing Method -Part 1
Lecture 87 Revenue Drivers- Billing Method -Part 2
Lecture 88 Cost Drivers and it's forecasting
Lecture 89 Asset Schedule
Lecture 90 Statements Linking and finalisation
Lecture 91 Discounted Cash Flow
Lecture 92 Relative Valuation
Section 14: Renewable Energy- Solar Project Finance Model
Lecture 93 Case Overview
Lecture 94 Interest During Construction
Lecture 95 Asset Schedule
Lecture 96 Profit & Loss,Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
Lecture 97 Tax Caluation Part -1
Lecture 98 Tax & Returns Calculation
Section 15: Auto Ancilary- Exide Industries Ltd
Lecture 99 Exide Business Overview
Lecture 100 Exide Revenue Drivers
Lecture 101 Exide Cost Drivers
Lecture 102 Exide DCF Valuation
Section 16: Port Development- Project Finance Model
Lecture 103 Case Overview
Lecture 104 Income Statement
Lecture 105 Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement
Lecture 106 Tax Schedule & Output
Lecture 107 Returns
Section 17: Manufacturing - Sugarcane Industries
Lecture 108 Introduction
Lecture 109 Interest During Construction - Calculation
Lecture 110 Annual Sales
Lecture 111 Annual Expenses
Lecture 112 Financial Statements
Lecture 113 Tax Schedule and Returns
Section 18: Mergers and Acquisitions
Lecture 114 Merger Plan
Lecture 115 Financial Mix
Lecture 116 Impact Analysis
Lecture 117 Case study of Kotak and ING
Section 19: Leverage Buy Out Modeling
Lecture 118 Overview of LBO Modeling
Lecture 119 Financial Projections and Debt Schedule
Lecture 120 Returns and Sensitivity Analysis
Section 20: Real Estate Valuation
Lecture 121 Real-Estate Valuation
Freshers - Who are looking to get a job in Investment Banking,Experienced Professional - Those who are looking to switch into Investment Banking front office roles,CA, CS, CFA Professionals - Those who are looking to add on to their skills

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