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Cisco Customer Success Management For Beginners

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Cisco Customer Success Management For Beginners
Published 8/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 618.13 MB | Duration: 1h 57m
Foundational training curriculum for aspiring Customer Success Manager

What you'll learn
Understand the role as part of a high performing Customer Success practice
Understand customer lifecycle stages
Understand and build success plan
Understand financial terminology, health index and adoption of Cisco architectures
Desire to learn something truly exciting
The Cisco Customer Success Manager Learning Map is a foundational training curriculum that allows an aspiring Customer Success Manager to understand the role as part of a high performing Customer Success practice. It teaches the customer lifecycle stages, success plan, financial terminology, health index and adoption of Cisco architectures.Customer Experience OverviewIn this video, you will learn what customer experience is, why it's important, and how Cisco is transforming its business model to align with the customer lifecycle.Customer Lifecycle OverviewThis module will show you how Cisco Partners help customers realize the value of their technology solutions, accelerating customer success, and driving partner profitable growth.Lifecycle Stages ExplainedIn this video we'll go through each stage of the customer's lifecycle journey. Success Plan OverviewIn this module, we review the Success Plan and how it benefits the customer, our partners, and Cisco, including Success Plan components, basic functions, and role responsibilities.Health Index Dashboard OverviewIn this video you will become familiar with the Health Index, and how this information is used by the Cisco account team to bring tangible benefits to their Customer base.Cisco Customer Experience - What is Adoption?In this module, we'll review what adoption is and why it plays an important role in the customer lifecycle. We'll see who is responsible for driving adoption in the Customer Experience team, and we'll see how you can help your customers achieve greater value.Customer Mapping in the LifecycleIn this module, we will review: (1) Why mapping the customer within the lifecycle matters to you and how it benefits your customer. (2) How to identify data streams that support customer mapping. (3) What types of questions you can ask to drive value conversationCisco Customer Experience - CX in Action - Success PlanThis video describes creating the customer success plan with customer data and insights from conversations.Lifecycle Financial TaxonomyThis course presents key financial terms, explains why they are important, how they are calculated, and for whom they are useful.Business Architectural Value OverviewIn this module, we'll illustrate the business value of Cisco architecture to the customer and explain how new market trends shape value proposition. Licensing and Enterprise AgreementsIn this module we'll review Cisco's software business and how it fits into recurring revenue. We will review the three types of licensing and five ways Cisco makes software available to our customers. Smart Accounts and Smart LicensingAt the conclusion of this module, you should have an understanding of three key areas: (1) The Smart Account (2) Licenses (3) And the central website used for Smart Accounts, called Cisco Software Central. Cisco Success Portfolio OverviewThe Cisco Success Portfolio brings together the right expertise, best practices, and insights, from Cisco and partners, based on experience of leading large-scale technology implementations and innovations.Cisco Customer Experience - ATX OverviewIn this module we'll review what Accelerators are, how they're structured, and where they fit in our Cisco Customer Experience portfolio. We'll also explain how partners and customers can benefit from using them. Cisco Customer Experience - Accelerators OverviewIn this module we'll review what Accelerators are, how they're structured, and where they fit in our new Cisco Customer Experience portfolio. We'll also explain how partners and customers can benefit from using them.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Customer Experience fundamental
Lecture 2 Customer Experience Overview
Lecture 3 Customer Lifecycle Overview
Lecture 4 Success Plan Overview
Lecture 5 Health Index Dashboard Overview
Lecture 6 Business Architectural Value Overview
Section 3: Customer Success in Action
Lecture 7 Lifecycle Stages Explained
Lecture 8 Customer Experience - What is Adoption?
Lecture 9 Customer Mapping in the Lifecycle
Lecture 10 Success Plan in Action
Lecture 11 Licensing and Enterprise Agreements
Lecture 12 Smart Accounts and Smart Licensing
Lecture 13 Success Portfolio Overview
Lecture 14 ATX Overview
Lecture 15 Accelerators Overview
Lecture 16 Workshop Review
Beginners who want to learn about subscription economy and Customer Success Management

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