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Chronological Developments in the Old Kingdom Tombs in the Necropoleis of Giza, Saqqara and Abusir Toward an Economic Decline

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Jan 21, 2021
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Chronological Developments in the Old Kingdom Tombs in the Necropoleis of Giza, Saqqara and Abusir: Toward an Economic Decline during the Early ... and the Old Kingdom (Archaeopress Egyptology) By Leo Roeten
2017 | 158 Pages | ISBN: 1784914606 | PDF | 10 MB

At the end of the 6th dynasty the 500 year old established order of the Old Kingdom fell apart, which, according to the interpretation given to various contemporary literary sources, started a period of social unrest and economic decline. The magnitude of the economic investment bestowed by the members of the higher social strata on the monuments that would be the abode for their after-life leads to the hypothesis that an economic decline could also manifest itself in the dimensions of the various architectonic elements of these monuments. The dimensions of the tombs have been chosen as the subject of this study. The preliminary part of the study is performed on the tombs in the necropolis of Giza. The results of the study are compared with the same measurements in the necropoleis of Saqqara and Abusir. The conclusion is that the economic decline started already at the early dynastic period and not as a result of the caving in of the Old Kingdom. An interesting 'side-effect' of the study is that the dimensions of the tombs can serve as a method to check a dating that has been proposed based on other aspect of the tomb.Table of ContentsPart I: Various Chronological Developments of Dimensional Aspects of the Tombs in the Necropolis of GizaIntroductionChapter One: Preliminary ConsiderationsChapter Two: The Necropolis of GizaChapter Three: The Chronological Development of the Number of False DoorsChapter Four: The Chronological Development of the Dimensions of the Tombs and Their Chapels. Part IChapter Five: The Chronological Developments in the Dimensions of the Tombs and Their Chapels. Part IIChapter Six: The Chronological Development of the Number of False Doors in Relation to the Dimensions of the TombChapter Seven: Discussion, Analyses and Conclusions in Relation to the Necropolis of GizaPart II: The Necropoleis of Abusir and Saqqara. A Verification of the Chronological Tendencies in the Necropolis of GizaChapter Eight: The Necropolis of SaqqaraChapter Nine: Various Chronological Developments in the Necropolis of SaqqaraChapter Ten: The Tombs in the Necropolis of AbusirPart III: Additional Methods for Controlling the Proposed Dating of a TombChapter Eleven: Methods of Checking the Proposed Datings of TombsThe Chapter Twelve: The Necropoleis of Saqqara, Giza and Abusir: Discussion and ConclusionsPart IV: Catalogues and Tables

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Jan 17, 2022
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