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Ccma Exam Prep + Real Full-Length Exam

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Ccma Exam Prep + Real Full-Length Exam
Published 8/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.34 GB | Duration: 1h 27m
17 Content Review Videos + Exams Included

What you'll learn
Module 1 - Healthcare Systems & Settings
Module 2 - Medical Terminology
Module 3 - Pharmacology
Module 4 - Nutrition
Module 5 - Psychology
Module 6 - Organ Systems & Body Structures
Module 7 - Disease Processes
Module 8 - Microbiology
Module 9 - General Patient Care
Module 10 - Infection Control
Module 11 - Laboratory Procedures
Module 12 - Phlebotomy
Module 13 - EKG & Cardiovascular Testing
Module 14 - Patient Care Coordination & Education
Module 15 - Administrative Assisting
Module 16 - Customer Service
Module 17 - Medical Law & Ethics
No previous experience needed.
This practice bundle includes content review videos specific to the 17 topics tested on the CCMA Exam + 1 Full-length Practice Exam. So, in total, this package consists of:17 Videos of Content Review1 full-length practice examThis course works in conjunction with the Instructor's other course "Medical Assistant Crash Course + NHA CCMA EXAM Questions!". The difference is that this course if focused more on content review with one practice exam, while the other is more focused on practice questions. The exam questions in this course are in the same format NHA (National Healthcare Association) asks their exam questions. For more information on the 17 topics covered in the NHA CCMA Exam, reference the course learning objectives.To get the most out of this course, review the 17 modules of content review videos first. Once ready, complete the full-length exam, keeping in mind testing conditions (no calculator, no notes, and a time limit). When reviewing the practice exam, make sure to understand why each answer is right or wrong. If content review is needed, do that, and come back to review questions that seemed tricky. If students have questions, they can reach out to the course instructor, Hamsa Javagal through email. Questions can be about test day, certain topics, clarity on the course, or specific questions and answers. A response will be provided to the student as soon as possible.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 How To Use This Course!
Section 2: Module 1: Healthcare Systems & Settings
Lecture 2 Video Version
Lecture 3 Article Version
Section 3: Module 2: Medical Terminology
Lecture 4 Video Version
Lecture 5 Article Version
Section 4: Module 3: Pharmacology
Lecture 6 Video Version
Lecture 7 Article Version
Section 5: Module 4: Nutrition
Lecture 8 Video Version
Lecture 9 Article Version
Section 6: Module 5: Psychology
Lecture 10 Video Version
Lecture 11 Article Version
Section 7: Module 6: Body Systems & Organ Structures
Lecture 12 Video Version
Lecture 13 Article Version
Section 8: Module 7: Pathophysiology
Lecture 14 Video Version
Lecture 15 Article Version
Section 9: Module 8: Microbiology
Lecture 16 Video Version
Lecture 17 Article Version
Section 10: Module 9: General Patient Care
Lecture 18 Video Version
Lecture 19 Article Version
Section 11: Module 10: Infection Control
Lecture 20 Video Version
Lecture 21 Article Version
Section 12: Module 11: Testing & Laboratory Procedures
Lecture 22 Video Version
Lecture 23 Article Version
Section 13: Module 12: Phlebotomy
Lecture 24 Video Version
Lecture 25 Article Version
Section 14: Module 13: EKGs
Lecture 26 Video Version
Lecture 27 Article Version
Section 15: Module 14: Patient Care & Education
Lecture 28 Video Version
Lecture 29 Article Version
Section 16: Module 15: Administrative Assisting
Lecture 30 Video Version
Lecture 31 Article Version
Section 17: Module 16: Communication & Customer Service
Lecture 32 Video Version
Lecture 33 Article Version
Section 18: Module 17: Medical Law & Ethics
Lecture 34 Video Version
Lecture 35 Article Version
Section 19: Practice Exam
Lecture 36 Outro + Practice Exam Directions
Section 20: Extra Resources (FREE)
Lecture 37 Exam Day Setting - Online (PSI)
Lecture 38 RAPID Content Review Session
Ambitious and beginner-level CCMA Exam Studiers!

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Jan 17, 2022
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