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Cash Flow Secret - Stock Options Investing

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Published 6/2022
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Learn the Secrets to Taking Your Stock Investing to the Next Level.
What you'll learn
How You Can Take Your Stock Investing to the Next Level
How You Can Make Money When Stock Prices Are Going Up, Down, or Sideways
Complete Breakdowns and Explanations That Make Learning Stock Options Simple
Step by Step Trade Walkthroughs That Will Answer All Your Questions
3 Winning Stock Options Strategies That Are Easy to Manage, And That You Can Copy
3 Full Videos Explaining How You Can Reduce Your Risk And Make Consistent Profits
and much more...
This is an intermediate investing course. If you don't already have some investing knowledge, make sure to enroll in our 3 Day Stock Investor course right now.
> So, You Want To Take Your Stock Investing To The Next Level?From: Wade CollinsLet me know if this happened to you.As hardworking people trying to grow our money to achieve financial freedom, and live the life of our dreams, we naturally think.>> I Need To Work Hard Now, To Have What I Want In The FutureBut we can't get to our financial freedom and dream lives by just trading our time for money.Eventually we work more and more hours.And burn ourselves out.Or just run out of spare time.Have you been here before?>> We Can't Keep This Up Forever.So then we start learning to invest.This makes sense because if our money can start making more money for us, then we won't have to work as many hours.The problem is that you don't want to spend hours staring at a stock screen, and you never know with 100% certainty which direction a stock price is going to move.You can do all the fundamental and technical analysis you want.Looking at moving averages.RSI.Volume.Bollinger Bands, and so on.>> But you still can't bet your life on it.Wouldn't it be so much easier if you didn't have to know which direction a stock price is going to move?This is where things get exciting.My name is Wade Collins, and I'm the creator of Cash Flow Secret, and an experienced stocks, stock options, and real estate investor.I've found a secret strategy that most people don't know about and it's allowing me to grow my investments to. >> $2,000,000+This course is the system that I've used to replace my job income, and I'm sharing it with you.Right now you have the opportunity to learn a strategy that can make money, no matter what direction a stock moves.. Without having to be glued to a screen, watching stock prices.And with this new simple strategy, all you need is.>> Less than 15 minutes a day!That is all it will take for you to start getting closer to your.Financial FreedomDream HomeDream CarDream Life====Just click the button above to get started now.I look forward to seeing you in the course and hearing about your success!- Wade Collins====>> 4 Reasons This Course Is Better Than The Rest:1. Learn the Secrets, and Start in Less Time:Other instructors brag about how long their course is, but do you really want to listen to someone rambling on for hours?...Or would you rather have videos that are straight to the point, save you time, and get you started sooner?2. Step-by-Step, Real-Life Practical Videos:Many courses just show you boring theory and don't actually show you how to invest step-by-step. The videos in this course give you step-by-step real-life tutorials of investing, and many visuals so that you can start making money quicker.3. Steal the Strategies of a Million Dollar Investor.You get to learn and copy the strategies that I am currently using to be able to replace my job, at just 27 years of age.Owning investments valued at over $2,000,000.4. FREE Updates & Improvements:I want this to be the best investing course for you. To do this, I take all feedback (positive and negative) to make the course better over time. Contact me any time with your questions and feedback and you can help build this into the best course around.====>> Inside of This New Complete Course.Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll DiscoverHow You Can Make Money When Stock Prices Are Going Up, Down, or SidewaysComplete Breakdowns and Explanations That Makes Learning Stock Options SimpleStep by Step Trade Walkthroughs That Will Answer All Your Questions3 Winning Stock Options Strategies That Are Easy to Manage, And That You Can CopyA Trade Strategy Checklist To Guide You Through Your TradesA Sample List of Stocks and ETFs For You To Get Started Right Away3 Full Videos Explaining How To Reduce Your Risk And Make Consistent Profits And much more.===Start Now and Gain Your Access To:45+ Value-Packed, High Quality, Short and Simple to Understand VideosThese short videos save your precious time, and make your learning easier so you can start making money quicker.Fully Captioned Videos With Loads of VisualsFully captioned videos and visuals allow you to learn without sound, and learn in any environment.Step-By-Step Video Tutorials and Walkthroughs, With CaptionsWe teach you more than just theory. Watch us walk you through how to actually invest step-by-step.BOI Stock Options Strategies ©You gain access to the strategies we're using to grow our money, right now.Lifetime AccessSo you get any updates and new lessons for FREE.. and I know what you might be thinking.>> What If I Have Questions Along The Way?You can ask me a question any time. Every one of your questions will be answered. By me. Not some hired team or teaching assistant.>> Our guarantee!I am completely convinced that YOU WILL LOVE the Cash Flow Secret course, like our other friends that have already joined our community...This is truly no risk. You either love the course and learn something well worth the investment, or return it with the easy, prompt, no-questions-asked policy.>> What Are Others Already SayingAbout Cash Flow Secret?===="The instructor is not only incredibly thorough but he is also easy to understand. I struggled to learn investing for months and spent quite a bit in the process.This course is not only a great value compared to some other "investing" classes but it gives you a very solid foundation to build upon. A++"- Hailey B.===="This course has been one of the best investments I have made in my entire life. Great explanations make it easy to understand. Definitely paid for itself in the first month."- Heather E.====>> Time Is Of The Essence.Investing can be very rewarding and help you live your dream life.With the 30 day guarantee, this course is risk free.Just click the button above to get your progress started now.I look forward to seeing you in the course and hearing about your success!- Wade Collins====Disclaimer Note: This course is for educational and informational purposes only. There will be no recommending of any particular investments such as a particular stock or mutual fund as only you know what is right for your portfolio and your comfort with risk and volatility. Any stocks, ETFs, or other investments mentioned in the course are not to be considered a recommendation or financial advice, but are to be considered as examples for demonstration purposes. Consult with a professional for specific advice. Course is for education purposes only and the instructor will have no liability related directly or indirectly to any loss or damage.
Section 1: Intro
Lecture 1 Welcome & Thank You
Section 2: Stock Options Fundamentals
Lecture 2 Why Stock Options
Lecture 3 What the Heck Are Stock Options
Lecture 4 Puts and Calls
Lecture 5 Strikes
Lecture 6 Expiration Periods (DTE)
Lecture 7 What Affects Options Prices
Lecture 8 Buying vs. Selling Options
Lecture 9 Choosing Your Chance of Winning
Lecture 10 Liquidity (Bid-Ask Spread)
Lecture 11 How to Practice and Learn Risk Free
Lecture 12 Margin Power - The Investing Secret of the Rich!
Section 3: Stock Options Trades
Lecture 13 Making An Order - Overview
Lecture 14 Making An Order - Expiration Date
Lecture 15 Making An Order - Strike Price(s)
Lecture 16 Making An Order - Quantity
Lecture 17 Making An Order - Order Type
Lecture 18 Making An Order - Price
Lecture 19 What is the Difference Between DTE & Time-In-Force?
Lecture 20 Options Trade Types - Defined Risk vs. Undefined Risk
Lecture 21 The Strangle (U)
Lecture 22 The Iron Condor (D)
Lecture 23 The Naked Put (U)
Lecture 24 The Bull Put Vertical Spread (D)
Lecture 25 The Covered Call (D)
Section 4: Stock Options Strategies
Lecture 26 Stock Options Strategy 1
Lecture 27 Strategy Checklist
Lecture 28 Stock Options Strategy 2
Lecture 29 Stock Options Strategy 3
Section 5: Stock Options Trade Walkthroughs
Lecture 30 How to Know When to Cash In
Lecture 31 Sample Stocks and Funds to Get Started With
Lecture 32 My Current Options Strategies
Lecture 33 Selling a Strangle (Opening Trade)
Lecture 34 Buying a Strangle (Closing Trade)
Lecture 35 Selling an Iron Condor (Opening Trade)
Lecture 36 Buying an Iron Condor (Closing Trade)
Lecture 37 Selling a Naked Put (Opening Trade)
Lecture 38 Buying a Naked Put (Closing Trade)
Lecture 39 Selling a Bull-Put Vertical Spread (Opening Trade)
Lecture 40 Buying a Bull-Put Vertical Spread (Closing Trade)
Lecture 41 Selling a Covered Call (Opening Trade)
Lecture 42 Buying a Covered Call (Closing Trade)
Lecture 43 Trade Adjustments - Overview
Lecture 44 Making Defined Risk Trade Adjustments
Lecture 45 Making Undefined Risk Trade Adjustments
Section 6: Conclusion
Lecture 46 Reducing Risk - Part 1
Lecture 47 Reducing Risk - Part 2
Lecture 48 Making Consistent Profits
Lecture 49 Conclusion
Lecture 50 EXTRA - Trade Tracker & Special Codes
If you want to make a new source of income in less than 15 minutes a day, and you already have some investing knowledge, then this course is for you.,I designed this course for the intermediate investor that wants to make more money, without having to watch stocks all day, or having to spend hours and hours watching videos, reading books, and making expensive mistakes.,This course is also designed for the real estate investor that wants to make more cash flow without having to buy more rental properties that can come along with lots of headaches.,This course is also excellent for more experienced investors who want to improve their skills, learn new insights, or gain more confidence when it comes to investing in stocks.

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