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Camtasia Basics - Video Editing For Beginners

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Camtasia Basics - Video Editing For Beginners
Published 8/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 312.26 MB | Duration: 0h 59m
Learn efficient basic Camtasia usage, Screen Recording and Video Editing. Create a tutorial video using my experience..

What you'll learn
Camtasia usage at a basic (but efficient) level
Having a fully edited tutorial video completed
Video editing workflow from A to Z
How to Record Your Screen with Camtasaia
Camtasia installed
My resources downloaded to work along
Wanting to learn. Seriously, it will be entertaining
The course explained in one sentence:Learn Camtasia by creating a simple, but fully functional video tutorial - starting with recording your screen and finishing with complete video editing.Why Camtasia?It's a straightforward but advanced enough video editorIt has an outstanding native Screen Recorder that elevates its video editingSimpler to learn that Premiere Pro, DaVinci ResolveOne-in-all solution for creating a videoStreamlined and focused interface for video tutorials and showcasing your screenWhat is this course structure?Camtasia Screen Recording - we will use the native Camtasia Screen Recorder to make our first recording and practically take advantage of the features that it offers as opposed to other screen recordersCamtasia usage - We will learn Camtasia at a basic, but useful and practical level. We will explore the timeline, most important features and create several shortcuts and templates for us that we can use for video editingVideo Editing - once we know how to record and use the software we can edit our first, 20-second tutorial video and make it publishing-ready.Are there resources?Either you make your own Screen Recording during the lectures, oryou will use my Audio and video recording to prepare the video using my resources.Either way, you are covered and everything depends on how you want to use this course.Why do you need a Camtasia Basics course, if there are advanced courses?I have edited several thousands of videos with Camtasia and with each new project or course I create I find a new "editing vibe" and style for myself - it's the most beautiful part of video editing, the endlessness of the learning process.With this course, I want to "infect" with love to the art of video editing. That's where a basics course comes in, it won't be overwhelming, it won't be overcomplicated but it will provide real-world experience and preparation in a relatively short time. What's next?If you want to learn Camtasia at a higher and deeper level I have more advanced courses that are available on my profile. I don't want to hard sell, but I have established a Camtasia learning path for a reason. Video editing is a skill that grows (the videos look nicer) proportionally to the time spent on it.How can I check the quality of what you do?You are most welcome to watch the promo video and free preview lectures of either this or any of my other courses! If you like what you see, like my editing (like showcasing shortcuts, zooming-in, using arrows and rectangles, using spotlights to highlight important things, my humor), and want to make Camtasia your primary Video Editor then you are very welcome to join my community of like-minded individuals.There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so you risk nothing in case push comes to shove! I hope I got you a little fired up and excited.Enroll now and we see each other inside!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Download Resources
Section 2: Camtasia - Screen Recording
Lecture 3 Introduction to Screen Recording section
Lecture 4 Camtasia 2023 Recorder options (how to open it, first 4 options)
Lecture 5 Recording your screen with Camtasia Studio
Lecture 6 Settings and Trec capabilities (file system since Camtasia 9)
Lecture 7 Resources for this camtasia studio course
Section 3: Camtasia - Timeline importance
Lecture 8 Importing Footage (Camtasia 2020, Camtasia 2021, Camtasia 2022, Camtasia 2023)
Lecture 9 Nomenclature (timeline, editing window, properties, behaviors)
Lecture 10 Timeline features to change
Lecture 11 Volume and sound line important for any content creator
Lecture 12 Video Editing - Extending and trimming footage
Lecture 13 Adding clip speed
Lecture 14 Grouping objects in Camtasia 2023
Section 4: Camtasia - Features used effectively
Lecture 15 Favorites, Media, Library tabs
Lecture 16 Annotations (making a template in Camtasia)
Lecture 17 Visual Effects availalbe since Camtasia 2022 and Camtasia 2023
Lecture 18 Transitions tab and how to add favorites
Lecture 19 Animations
Lecture 20 Behaviors - Make a Fade In/Out template
Lecture 21 Cursor & Mouse options -high resolution icons in Camtasia 2022 and Camtasia 2023
Lecture 22 Audio editing in Camtasia
Section 5: Camtasia - Practical Video Editing
Lecture 23 Footage and Project Settings for Camtasia Video Editing
Lecture 24 Trimming - works since Camtasia Studio 9
Lecture 25 Adding a sketch motion
Lecture 26 Zooming in at the folder
Lecture 27 Fade out Video with Transitions
Lecture 28 Adding a "Thank you for watching" box
Section 6: Exporting Videos
Lecture 29 Exporting Features and Presets (Camtasia 2021 vs Camtasia 2023)
Section 7: Conclusion
Lecture 30 Thank You
Lecture 31 Bonus Lecture
Anyone wanting to learn Camtasia,People who want to learn what Camtasia is best at,People who want to learn video editing and create their own videos,People who want to learn how to record your screen with Camtasia

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