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Business Law - Other Essential Elements Of A Contract

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 6/2022
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Preparing for foundation / intermediate examinations of CA / CMA / CS / Business Exams (English and Hindi Languages)
What you'll learn
Capacity of contract
Free Consent
Elements Vitiating Free Consent
Legality of Object & Consideration
Void Agreements
No prior knowledge is required for taking this course.
Chapter 1: The Indian Contract Act, 1872UNIT-3: OTHER ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF A CONTRACTAfter studying this unit, you would be able to understand- ♦ Note the various ingredients of incapacity to contract. ♦ Be clear about the legal consequence of contracting with a minor. ♦ Be familiar with the concept of 'consensus ad idem' i.e. parties agreeing upon the same thing in the same sense. ♦ Try to grasp the characteristics of different elements vitiating free consent and particularly to distinguish amongst fraud, misrepresentation and mistake. ♦ Understand the circumstances when object and consideration become unlawful. ♦ Be aware of the agreements opposed to public policySUMMARYThe following persons are incompetent to contract: (a) minor, (b) persons of unsound mind, (c) other disqualified persons. (a) Minor: Agreement with a minor is altogether void but his property is liable for necessaries supplied to him. He cannot be a partner but can be admitted to benefits of partnership with the consent of all partners. He can always plead minority and cannot be asked to compensate for any benefit received under a void agreement. Under certain circumstances, a guardian can enter into valid contract on behalf of minor. Minor cannot ratify a contract on attaining majority. (b) Persons of unsound mind: Persons of unsound mind such as idiots, lunatics and drunker cannot enter into a contract, but a lunatic can enter into a valid contract when he is in a sound state of mind. The liability for necessities of life supplied to persons of unsound mind is the same as in case of minors. (Section 68). (c) Certain other persons are disqualified due to their status. Free Consent Two or more persons are said to consent when they agree upon the same thing in the same sense (Section 13). Consent is free when it is not caused by mistake, misrepresentation, undue influence, fraud or coercion. When consent is caused by any of above said elements, the contract is voidable at the option of the party whose consent was so caused (Sections 19 and 19A) (a) Coercion: Coercion is the committing or threatening to commit any act, forbidden by the Indian Penal Code or the unlawful detaining or threatening to detain, any property, to the prejudice of any person with the intention of causing any person to enter into an agreement (Section 15). A contract induced by coercion is voidable at the option of the aggrieved party.(b) Undue influence: When one party to a contract is able to dominate the will of the other and uses the position to obtain an unfair advantage, the contract is said to be induced by undue influence. (Section 16). Such contract is voidable, not void. (c) Fraud: Fraud exists when a false representation has been made knowingly with an intention to deceive the other party, or to induce him to enter a contract (Section 17). Contract in the case is voidable. (d) Misrepresentation: Means a misstatement of a material fact made believing it to be true, without an intent to deceive the other party (Section 18). Contract will be voidable in this case. (e) Mistake: When both the parties are at a mistake to a matter of fact to the agreement, the agreement is altogether void. Lawful Object and Consideration An agreement where the object or the consideration is unlawful, is void. Object or consideration is unlawful if it is forbidden by law, it defeats the provisions of law; or is fraudulent, or involves injury to the person or property of another; or is immoral; or is opposed to public policy. Besides the above said agreements, certain agreements have been expressly declared to be void by the Contract Act such as - wagering agreements, agreement with uncertain meaning, agreements where consideration is unlawful in part etc.
Section 1: Other Essential Elements of a Contract
Lecture 1 Capacity of Parties
Lecture 2 Minor Agreement - 1
Lecture 3 Minor Agreement - 2
Lecture 4 Minor Agreement - 3
Lecture 5 Minor Agreement - 4
Lecture 6 Minor Agreement - 5
Lecture 7 Unsound Mind - 1
Lecture 8 Unsound Mind - 2
Lecture 9 Consent
Lecture 10 Free Consent
Lecture 11 Coercion
Lecture 12 Undue Influence
Lecture 13 Froud - 1
Lecture 14 Froud - 2
Lecture 15 Froud - 3
Lecture 16 Froud - 4
Lecture 17 Mistake - 1
Lecture 18 Mistake - 2
Lecture 19 Mistake - 3
Lecture 20 Legality of Object and Consideration Part - 1
Lecture 21 Legality of Object and Consideration Part - 2
Lecture 22 Legality of Object and Consideration Part - 3
Lecture 23 Legality of Object and Consideration Part - 4
Lecture 24 Legality of Object and Consideration Part - 5
Lecture 25 Agreement Expressly Declared as Void Part - 1
Lecture 26 Agreement Expressly Declared as Void Part - 2
Lecture 27 Agreement Expressly Declared as Void Part - 3
Lecture 28 Agreement Expressly Declared as Void Part - 4
CA Foundation Students,CA Inter Students,CMA Foundation Students,CMA Inter Students,CS Foundation Students,CS Executive Students,B Com / BBA Students,Business Law Students,Entrepreneurs,Advocates

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