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Business Data Analytics with Python [Video]

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Jan 21, 2021
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Instructors: Walter R. Paczkowski | 3 Lessons | Duration: 3h 26m
Video: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English | March 2022 | Size: 1.6 GB
Many business analysts believe that the only way to analyze data is by creating simple charts and estimating simple linear models. However, to truly extract the key information buried inside your business data-information that is important for making sound and reasonable business decisions-you need to perform sophisticated, high-powered analyses.

In this three-hour hands-on course, expert Walter Paczkowski walks you through data visualization and statistical methods implemented in Python for analyzing business data, whether sales, personnel, logistics, marketing, or financial. You'll explore the nature of business data, the application and interpretation of statistical and machine learning methods for gaining insight into your business, and how to present conclusions in tabular and graphical formats. By the end of the course, you'll be able to use Python to interactively visualize data, estimate predictive models, and distribute reports from Jupyter notebooks.
What you'll learn and how you can apply it
By the end of this course, you'll understand
How to use Jupyter notebooks to manage an analytical assignment
How to use several Python packages for business analysis, including pandas for data manipulation; StatsModels, SciPy, and scikit-learn for modeling; and Seaborn for visualization
How to import different data formats (CSV, Excel, etc.) into pandas
How to divide data into training and test datasets for validation
How to visualize business data
How to estimate and interpret statistical models, such as OLS and logistic regression
How to cross-validate model estimations
How to export Jupyter notebooks to the HTML and PDF formats for sharing
And you'll be able to
Take a new business dataset and analyze it for key insights using the Python packages
Visualize business data for key insights, such as relationships, trends, patterns, and anomalies
This course is for you because.
You're a business analyst responsible for conducting, analyzing, and interpreting data for key business decisions, and you want to learn how to use Python and its main packages.
You want to expand your knowledge of and experience with toolsets for analytical methods, such as machine learning, and software so you can provide the best insights to your clients and advance your career.
A basic understanding of statistics and regression analysis
The ability to interpret basic data visualization tools such as box plots, histograms, and scatter plots
Experience working with business datasets
Familiarity with business problems and functional areas such as marketing, sales, and finance
O'Reilly's mission is to change the world by sharing the knowledge of innovators. For over 40 years, we've inspired companies and individuals to do new things-and do things better-by providing them with the skills and understanding that's necessary for success.
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Jan 17, 2022
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TOP salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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para siguradong di ma dedeadlink. Let's keep on sharing to keep our community running for good. This community is built for you and everyone to share freely. Let's invite more contributors para mabalik natin sigla ng Mobilarian at tuloy ang puyatan. :)
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