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Buccaneers, Bandits, and Pirates A History of Bravado and Banditry on the High Seas-From Past to Present

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Jan 21, 2021
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Buccaneers, Bandits, and Pirates: A History of Bravado and Banditry on the High Seas-From Past to Present by Conrad Bauer
English | April 26, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B093KJ8YDY | 90 pages | EPUB | 0.78 Mb
Arr-matey! Hop on board and learn more about the untold history of the Pirates of the high seas from past to present.

The practice of piracy has been with us since human beings first sailed into open waters. Pirates, in fact, are still a phenomenon to this very day. From pirates of the Caribbean to the modern-day pirates of Somalia-there have always been those who would engage in acts of both banditry and bravado on the high seas. This book follows the exploits and dastardly deeds of these crooked sailors. Here you will learn about pirates like Captain Morgan, Blackbeard, a Pirate Queen, and many more infamous figures. Here you will find a full history of bravado and banditry on the high seas-from past to present!
In this book you will discover:
The early history of piracy
The depredations of the Barbary pirates
The Golden Age of Piracy
Viking pirates
Modern pirates
And much more!

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