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Blogging; Travel Writing; Travel Content Writing; Freelance

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 12/2022
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Language: English | Size: 618.91 MB | Duration: 1h 46m
Startup Your Home Business, Online Business; Make Money Writing and Travel the World Digital Lifestyle Course

What you'll learn
Learn How To Write About Travel In A Way That Sells
Know The Benefits Of Travel Blogging
Learn What It Takes To Make Money Writing
Learn How To Adapt Your Writing With Your Audience In Mind
What Is Story Writing and How Do You Write Your Compelling Story
Learn Many Business Considerations Before Travel Writing/Blogging As A Business
laptop or phone
Have you ever considered hitting the road and blogging or writing about your adventures? Are you fascinated by travel?All you need is a destination, laptop or phone, and internet connection and you can earn money and travel. I love to see the world. This is why I created this course. My name is Crystal Hutchinson Tummala. In this course you will:Learn Blogging About TravelLearn Travel WritingLearn What to Write AboutLearn About Blogging/Writing SkillsLearn About Tools to Help with Blogging/ WritingLearn About Various Considerations of Becoming Making a Business of Blogging/Travel WritingThe course is backed by a 30-day, risk free money back guarantee. As I update this course you will have lifetime access to the content and all updates too. Crystal Hutchinson Tummala is a Pennsylvania licensed attorney. She has started several successful businesses and previously had her own law practice.In 2018, Crystal Hutchinson Tummala founded Pursuing Wisdom Academy. The mission of Pursuing Wisdom Academy is to assist you with the achievement of your goals.The library of courses offered by Pursuing Wisdom Academy is ever increasing and covers topics including Entrepreneurship, Course Creation, Life Coaching, Relationship Courses, Job Searching, Motivation, Grief and Bereavement, Contract and Legal Issues, as well as courses related to Spirituality. Crystal constantly researches various educational platforms and looks for areas where she can create additional courses that would benefit her growing student base.She is humbled and grateful to have over 84,000 students in 190 countries.The courses only require access to the Internet and a phone or computer to view the videos. If you are eager to learn and apply the lessons taught in the courses, you will excel.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Travel Writing; Bogging; Course Intro
Lecture 2 Travel Writing; Blogging; Intro Benefits Of Travel Writing
Lecture 3 Travel Writing; When Did People Start Writing About Travel?
Lecture 4 Blogging; Travel Writing; What Do Travel Writers Write About?
Lecture 5 Blogging; Travel Writing; Choosing Destinations For Writing Topics
Lecture 6 Blogging; Travel Writing; Using Knowledge When Travel Writing
Lecture 7 Blogging; Travel Writing; What Will Make Someone Want To Read Your Writing?
Lecture 8 Blogging; Travel Writing; How To Make Writing Personal
Lecture 9 Blogging; Travel Writing; Tips To Make Travel Writing Interesting
Lecture 10 Blogging; Travel Writing; More Tips To Make Travel Writing Sell
Lecture 11 Blogging; Travel Writing; Writing Tips For Quality Writing
Lecture 12 Blogging; Travel Writing; Skills Of Successful Travel Writers
Lecture 13 Blogging; Travel Writing; Being A Great Writer; Story Writing
Lecture 14 Blogging; Travel Writing; How To Improve Your Writing Skills
Lecture 15 Blogging; Travel Writing; How To Get Better At Writing
Lecture 16 Blogging; Writing; Guidelines For Great Travel Writing; Content Writing
Lecture 17 Blogging; Travel Writing; Knowing The Writer's Audience
Lecture 18 Blogging; Travel Writing; Can I Really Make Money Writing? The Lifestyle
Lecture 19 Travel Writing; Writing; Travel Magazines Sources Of Writing Income
Lecture 20 Blogging; Travel Blogging; Having A Travel Blog
Lecture 21 Blogging; Content Writing; Strategic Writing; Tools For Travel Writing
Lecture 22 Blogging; The Writer's Tools For Travel Writing
Lecture 23 Blogging: The Records A Writer Must Keep; Getting People To Find Your Writing
Lecture 24 Travel; A Word For Now
Lecture 25 Blogging; Travel Writing; The Business Of Travel Writing
Lecture 26 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Introduction 2
Lecture 27 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Introduction 3
Lecture 28 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Reflection & Focus
Lecture 29 Blogging: Travel Writing: Sole Proprietorship As A Decision
Lecture 30 Travel Writing Business; Blogging Business; Why Is It An Important Decision?
Lecture 31 Blogging; Travel Writing; The Business Run Down
Lecture 32 Blogging; Travel Writing; Where To Locate
Lecture 33 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Considerations; Disadvantages
Lecture 34 Blogging; Travel Writing; Tax Considerations
Lecture 35 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Considerations Advantages/Disadvantages
Lecture 36 Blogging; Travel Writing; Content Writing; Business Name
Lecture 37 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Questions Where Can I Get Info?
Lecture 38 Blogging; Travel Writing; What Are The Filing Formalities
Lecture 39 Blogging; Travel Writing As A Business ;Tax Number
Lecture 40 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Ideas-Corporation Instead?
Lecture 41 Blogging; Travel Writing, Corporations, Are There Advantages?
Lecture 42 Blogging; Travel Writing; Bank Accounts & Records
Lecture 43 Blogging,; Travel Writing; Insurance For Business
Lecture 44 Blogging; Travel Writing; Business Formation Changing Mind, Is It Possible
Lecture 45 Blogging; Travel Writing; Conclusion Of Business Section
Lecture 46 Course Conclusion
Lecture 47 Bonus Lecture
Bloggers, Writers, Content Writers

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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TOP salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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