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Basic Combat Self Defense

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Basic Combat Self Defense
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.96 GB | Duration: 2h 22m
Combat University

Free Download What you'll learn
Learn ALL the basics techniques needed to defend yourself in real world situations
Learn how to use these techniques in self-defense situations
Gain confidence in yourself as you learn new skills
At home training with no partner needed
No previous experience needed.
Combat University was created to make sure that everyone has the ability to learn self-defense. I use clips from movies, anime, tv shows, etc. to keep learning entertaining!Why should you learn self-defense? You may wish to learn self-defense for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is that you want to be able to protect yourself or your family if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation. It's extremely unlikely that you'll come across someone who wants to hurt you, but if you don't have a strategy in place, you'll be extremely vulnerable. No attack is ever the fault of the victim, and not all attacks can be prevented. However, we do know that mastering self-defense can assist victims in stopping or escaping their abusers.Self-defense provides you the tools and abilities you need to analyze a dangerous situation with confidence and manage it successfully. Nothing could be more powerful than that. It aids in the development of confidence and control over your anxieties, and confidence is a superpower in and of itself. Self-defense also aids in the development of social abilities. Self-defense is comparable to martial arts in that it emphasizes the discipline of respecting elders, showing respect for others, and tolerating others. As a result, by honing these social abilities, you can improve the perspective for your point of view. It also assists in bringing calm and harmony to your attitude.Being able to defend yourself in any situation boosts your confidence while also giving you peace of mind. This is a sense of security that can only come from self-defense tactics training. When people think of self-defense training, they usually think of women and children who are more vulnerable. Self-defense skills and training, however, are for everyone. Self-defense can assist people in their daily lives. To feel safer wherever you reside, whether you are a man, woman, or child, it is critical to learn some fundamental self-defense methods. It has several advantages in addition to the common understanding of protecting yourself in the event of an assault.We all have the right to protect ourselves from being harmed, attacked, or assaulted. As a result, rather than becoming defenseless and powerless, intelligent individuals learn how to defend themselves, thus learning basic self-defense techniques is essential.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Footwork
Lecture 2 Basic Combat Footwork
Lecture 3 Footwork Combat Technique
Section 3: Hand Strikes
Lecture 4 How to Throw a Punch
Lecture 5 How to Throw a Palm Strike
Lecture 6 Using a Palm Strike in Combat
Lecture 7 How to Throw a Hook Punch
Lecture 8 Using a Hook Punch in Combat
Lecture 9 How to Throw an Uppercut
Lecture 10 How to Use an Uppercut in Combat
Lecture 11 How to Throw a Backhand
Lecture 12 How to Use a Backhand in Combat
Lecture 13 How to Throw a Hammer Strike
Lecture 14 How to Use a Hammer Strike in Combat
Section 4: Blocking
Lecture 15 4 Basic Blocks
Lecture 16 How to use Blocking to Defend a Punch
Section 5: Kicks
Lecture 17 How to Perform a Push Kick
Lecture 18 How to Use a Push Kick in Combat
Lecture 19 3 Steps to a Snap Kick
Lecture 20 How to Use a Snap Kick in a Combat
Lecture 21 How to do a Side Kick in 3 Easy Steps
Lecture 22 How to Defend Yourself with a Side Kick
Lecture 23 4 Step Roundhouse Kick
Lecture 24 Counterstrike with a Roundhouse Kick
Section 6: (Sensitive Topic) Bonus: Rape Defense
Lecture 25 Defend an Attack from Behind Using a Back Kick
Section 7: Choke
Lecture 26 How to do an Air Choke
Lecture 27 How to Use an Air Choke in Combat
This course was created for beginners to learn everything they need to defend themselves in almost any situation.

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