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Aws & React Deploy An Auto-Scaling E-Commerce App With Elb

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Aws & React: Deploy An Auto-Scaling E-Commerce App With Elb
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 7.61 GB | Duration: 13h 16m
AWS Foundations | Amazon EC2 | EC2 Configuration | AWS Storage (EBS, EFS) | ELB | ASG | Route 53 | ReactJS | E-Commerce

Free Download What you'll learn
Navigating the AWS Management Console
Securing an AWS account with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Creating Billing Alerts
Deploying and Configuring EC2 Instances
Creating IAM roles for EC2
Working with Various EC2 Storage Services (EBS, EFS)
Creating EBS Snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
Attaching EC2 Instances to EBS and EFS Storage
Dynamic Workload Distribution using Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs) and Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs)
Routing Traffic through Amazon Route 53 and DNS
Understanding the Foundations of React
Creating a Basic Development Setup for Building a ReactJS App
Building a Customizable E-Commerce App using ReactJS
Basic Computer Skills
No programming experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
This course is designed to teach students the foundations of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and React.js. By the end of the course, students will have the skills necessary to build a fully customizable e-commerce site on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance. The entire infrastructure will be highly available and scalable using Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs) and Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs). The course begins by introducing students to AWS and the various services it offers. This includes a brief overview of the AWS management console and how to navigate it. From there, we delve deeper into the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. EC2 will serve as the backbone of the e-commerce site we build using React.JS. Students will learn how to launch and configure EC2 instances, as well as how to connect to them securely using remote connection utilities like PuTTY and Terminal. Next, we will cover AWS Storage, including Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Elastic File System (EFS). Here, students learn to create and manage storage volumes, and how to securely connect them to EC2 instances. We also explore the different types of storage available on AWS and when to use each one.After covering the basics, students learn to create Elastic Load Balancers and integrate them with Auto Scaling Groups for workload distribution. Here, we demonstrate how to create a highly available and scalable infrastructure for the e-commerce site which will be built in the last section of the course. The infrastructure will automatically scale based on traffic and overall load. Traffic will only be distributed to healthy nodes in the network, based on parameters that are established during configuration. Finally, students learn how to build a fully customizable e-commerce site using React.js. Here, students will create and manage a React project, as well as effectively use React components to build a dynamic user interface. We also explore how to integrate the e-commerce site with other AWS services such as AWS storage, to efficiently scale capacity based on application requirements.Throughout the course, students will work on hands-on projects to apply the concepts they have learned. These projects include building a simple e-commerce site to start and scaling up to a more complex site with advanced features such as product search, and product categories.By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of the basics of AWS and React.js. Students will be able to build a fully functional and customizable e-commerce site on an EC2 instance. This includes having the knowledge and skills necessary to continue learning more advanced AWS and React.js concepts and being able to build out new projects independently.This course is designed for developers and IT professionals who want to learn how to build scalable and highly available applications on AWS using React.js. No prior experience with AWS or React.js is necessary, but basic understanding of web development and programming concepts is recommended.
Section 1: Getting Started with AWS
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 AWS Pricing Foundations
Lecture 3 AWS Free Tier Overview
Lecture 4 AWS Acceptable Use Policy
Lecture 5 AWS Account Registration
Lecture 6 AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam - Key Topics
Lecture 7 AWS Global vs. Regional Services
Lecture 8 Global vs. Regional Services Example
Lecture 9 Creating Billing Alerts
Lecture 10 AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Lecture 11 Activate MFA for the Root User Account
Lecture 12 Creating IAM Users and Groups
Lecture 13 IAM User Custom Sign-In Link
Lecture 14 Configure a Custom Password Policy
Section 2: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Lecture 15 Introduction to EC2
Lecture 16 EC2 Instance Core Features
Lecture 17 EC2 Instance Types
Lecture 18 Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
Lecture 19 Creating an IAM User for EC2
Lecture 20 The EC2 Dashboard
Lecture 21 Deploying an EC2 Instance
Lecture 22 Deploying an EC2 Instance (Continued)
Lecture 23 EC2 Instances Console
Lecture 24 Elastic IP (Theory)
Lecture 25 Elastic IP (Guide)
Lecture 26 EC2 Instance Administration (Guide)
Lecture 27 EC2 Instance Launch Templates
Lecture 28 Creating an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
Lecture 29 IAM Roles (Theory)
Lecture 30 IAM Roles (Practial Guide)
Lecture 31 IAM Roles for EC2 (Guide)
Lecture 32 Introduction to Security Groups
Lecture 33 Security Groups (Guide)
Lecture 34 Secure Socket Shell (SSH) Overview
Lecture 35 PuTTY (SSH) Client for Windows
Lecture 36 EC2 Instance Connect (Guide)
Section 3: AWS Storage (EC2)
Lecture 37 Introduction
Lecture 38 Block vs. File. vs Object Storage
Lecture 39 Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Overview
Lecture 40 Amazon EBS Guide[Part 1]
Lecture 41 Amazon EBS Guide[Part 2]
Lecture 42 EBS Snapshots Overview
Lecture 43 EBS Snapshots (Guide)
Lecture 44 Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
Lecture 45 Amazon AMI Guide[Part 1]
Lecture 46 Amazon AMI Guide[Part 2]
Lecture 47 Amazon EC2 Image Builder
Lecture 48 Amazon EC2 Image Builder Guide[Part 1]
Lecture 49 Amazon EC2 Image Builder Guide[Part 2]
Lecture 50 Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
Lecture 51 Deploy an EC2 Instance with Ubuntu (Guide)
Lecture 52 Creating an EFS (Guide)
Lecture 53 Attach EFS to EC2 (Guide)
Lecture 54 Upload Files to EFS via FTP (Guide)
Lecture 55 Attach EFS to Second EC2 Instance (Guide)
Lecture 56 Account Cleanup
Section 4: ELB, ASG, Route 53
Lecture 57 Introduction
Lecture 58 High Availability & Elasticity
Lecture 59 Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Overview
Lecture 60 Auto Scaling Groups (ASG)
Lecture 61 ELB + ASG Prep: Setup AMI from EC2
Lecture 62 ELB Deployment (Guide)
Lecture 63 Creating a Launch Template (Guide)
Lecture 64 Auto Scaling Groups (Guide)
Lecture 65 Auto Scaling Strategies
Lecture 66 Dynamic Scaling (Guide)
Lecture 67 Step and Simple Scaling (Guide)
Lecture 68 Predictive Scaling (Guide)
Lecture 69 Creating a Launch Template (Guide)
Lecture 70 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Guide
Lecture 71 Amazon Route 53 & DNS Foundations (Guide)
Lecture 72 Route 53 Domain Registration & Routing (Guide)
Lecture 73 Route 53 Domain Settings and Hosted Zones
Lecture 74 Route 53 DNS Records in the Hosted Zone
Lecture 75 Account Clean-Up
Section 5: Intro to React
Lecture 76 Skills Required
Lecture 77 What is React?
Lecture 78 Hello React
Lecture 79 Tools Needed
Lecture 80 Code Pen
Lecture 81 Intro to JSX
Section 6: React Project - Build an E-Commerce Store
Lecture 82 Project Overview
Lecture 83 Scaffolding the Project
Lecture 84 Intro to JSON Server
Lecture 85 Fetch API
Lecture 86 Styling the Store
Lecture 87 Rendering the Categories
Lecture 88 Binding the Products
Lecture 89 Refactor the Fetch API call
Lecture 90 Dealing with errors in Fetch API
Lecture 91 Tidy the Fetch API call
Lecture 92 Styling the Product List
Lecture 93 Installing React Router
Lecture 94 Fixing the Key Warning
Lecture 95 React Router - Detail Page
Lecture 96 Fetch API - Get Product By Id
Lecture 97 Product Description
Lecture 98 Intro to Styled Components
Lecture 99 Styled Components - Product Description
Lecture 100 Dangerously Set HTML (yeah really)
Lecture 101 Refactor the Categories
Lecture 102 Refactor the Layout
Lecture 103 Refactor the Home Page
Lecture 104 Intro to Context in React
Lecture 105 UseContext Hook and UseReducer Hook in React
Lecture 106 Basket Layout
Lecture 107 Implementing the Basket
Lecture 108 Implementing Basket Icons
Lecture 109 Implementing Basket Total
Lecture 110 Finishing the Checkout
Lecture 111 Checkout - Fixing the State
Lecture 112 Implementing the Order Confirmation
Lecture 113 Intro to Local Storage
Lecture 114 Implementing Search Results
Lecture 115 Better Searching with Debouncing
Lecture 116 Validating Forms in React - Part 1
Lecture 117 Validating Forms in React - Part 2
Lecture 118 Validating Forms in React - Part 3
Lecture 119 Validating Forms in React - Part 4
Lecture 120 Project Summary
Students interested in the foundations of Amazon Web Services,Students interested in Deploying and Configuring EC2 Instances on AWS,Students interested in learning how to Administer an EC2 Instance Remotely,Students interested in Deploying Distributed Workloads using Elastic Load Balancers,Students interested in Auto-Scaling using Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs),Students interested in Building Dynamic Web Applications using ReactJS

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