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Ashampoo Photo Commander 17.0.3 RePack (& Portable) by TryRooM

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Apr 10, 2021
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Ashampoo Photo Commander 17.0.3 RePack (& Portable) by TryRooM


Interface language: Russian, English, others

System requirements:
Windows® 11, Windows® 10 (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable

Lots of features: more than 200 functions for your photos in one program
Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is a powerful solution for viewing, editing and organizing your photos. Organize your collection, optimize any number of photos at the same time and create stylish calendars, cards or even slideshows in no time! Turn any number of unsorted photos into a real collection in just a few clicks. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, an enthusiast or a professional!
Additional Information:

Ashampoo Photo Commander is back!

Modern technology brings back the classics

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 provides essential technology updates for amazing performance, support for the latest formats, and full compatibility with Windows 11. With more efficient memory management and CPU performance, version 17 is up to 40% faster than version 16. This means that browsing and images open faster. We also redesigned the recording and scanning mechanisms, as well as improved codec support (PNG, WEBP, JXR, etc.). Get ready for the PhotoCommander of the future with state-of-the-art effects and top-notch performance!

Full compatibility with Windows 11
64-bit support for optimal memory usage and speed
Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) support for optimal CPU usage
JPG loading 40% faster
Codec updates (PNG, WEBP, JXR, etc.)
New recording and scanning technologies
Lightning fast file viewer with low memory consumption
Improved video playback
New Wizards for Slideshow, Batch Processing and Duplicate Finder
Convert WebP to JPG

Collages, postcards and frames

From birthday to Christmas: create the right cards in no time

Get creative: Photo Commander 17 lets you create stylish collages and elegant postcards with a variety of templates. Add beautiful frames to your photos and combine images and text to create greeting cards for weekends, parties and special occasions.

Perfect view viewer

Smart grouping and sorting by date, time or filename

With Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 you will always know everything about your photos. Sophisticated filters and grouping options will help you keep track of the state of the collection, regardless of its size! Sort by time, subject and location, or apply your own filters and instantly find the right shot!

Create slideshows with ease

Create slideshows with high-res music

Create high definition 4K slideshows with suitable transitions and enhance your shots with music in various formats. Finished projects can be immediately viewed in the new player and burned to disk directly in the program.

Improve your photos automatically

Smart algorithms for better colors or contrast and for noise reduction

Even unimpressed pictures will turn into precious memories thanks to the automatic correction function. Remove scratches and remove noise or red eyes instantly! The automatic correction will do most of the hard work for you. Even in batch mode! You can fix your entire library in one go! Optimize colors or contrast and get rid of compression artifacts at the click of a button!

Present your photos in style

Convenient presentation mode for any occasion

Whether you're enjoying your photos alone or with friends and family, the new presentation mode is just brilliant, especially on multi-screen systems. You control the presentation on one screen, and on the other, your audience enjoys the results, for example, through a projector. You can even make edits on the go without interrupting your presentation!

Add geotags

no more misconceptions about location

Modern cameras and smartphones use geotags to store information about where a photo was taken. Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 not only uses these tags for sorting, but also allows you to edit them and create your own. You can get information down to the street! Do you want to see all the photos from Paris? Not a problem! You can even instantly see each location on Google Maps!

Crop and edit photos

Beginner or Pro: Get the most out of your shots

Easily cut your photos, straighten the horizon and bring out the colors. Cut out individual shapes and objects and change the perspective of images as you see fit. Try numerous photo effects and become a pro with tone curves and tonal value correction! Quick edits or detailed post-processing - Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 will help in any situation!

A real functional beast for your photos

20 years of development. And it is visible!

With over 200 features, Ashampoo Photo Commander is rightfully called a "functional beast" by fans. And that's the way it is: you can work your way through the program and keep discovering new handy features and tools that other companies would gladly sell you as standalone apps. Your exciting journey into the world of photo editing begins today!

Salvation or Creation

Breathe new life into bad shots or create impressive panoramic images

Not every photo becomes a hit! Photo Commander 17 contains a special automatic feature that corrects overexposed or washed out colors and produces great results. You can also apply effects to give your shots more brightness and structure, or combine them into breathtaking panoramic views.

Batch processing done smartly

Process your entire photo collection in one go

Convert multiple images at the same time to other formats and change the size and aspect ratio at the same time. Add watermarks or frames to your photos, and rotate or flip them however you want. Change brightness and contrast, destroy noise. And you can do all this in batch processing, saving a lot of time and effort!

Find duplicates, edit metadata, perform smart file searches

Find "the one" vacation shot among hundreds of photos!

Of course Ashampoo Photo Commander is really handy! It searches your library for duplicates and helps you filter photos by name, EXIF/IPTC data or comments. Finding a needle in a haystack just got a whole lot easier. You can also add missing metadata manually so you never lose your photos again!

Fast multipurpose photo editing

Quickly solve basic image problems

Try tools to optimize your photos, add filters and adjust contrast and color. Flatten the horizon, clone areas and bring out details with focus or tilt-shift. Adjust the size of your images and rotate them or crop them perfectly. Why buy multiple programs when you can get everything in a single interface?

Helpful Helpers

Step by step execution of tasks

Ashampoo Photo Commander has several wizards that guide you step by step through various tasks. Whether you're creating a calendar or a collage, batch processing hundreds of photos, there's always a wizard to guide you through the process without any prior knowledge. Choose photos, choose a task and go!

A powerful assistant to work with your photo collection

One app to view, sort and enhance your photos!

20 years ago, beautiful photographs were few. 10 years ago there was little memory. Today we have both, but we also got total chaos in the files due to their growing number! Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 will not only turn chaos into a neat collection of photos, but also turn good pictures into great ones, help you create collages, greeting cards and slide shows. Convert photos, including automatically and in batch mode, add watermarks and sort files by location for instant visual clarity. Photo Commander is an all-in-one solution just for you!

Full support for Windows 11 and 64-bit

Maximum performance in all current versions of Windows

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is not only compatible with Windows 11, but it also fully supports 64-bit for optimal memory management. This is the most beautiful, fastest and most stable Photo Commander ever. Whether you're editing a single photo or an entire library, you'll immediately feel the difference!

New technologies for increased speed

Loads JPGs up to 40% faster

Version 17 breaks down barriers: the program makes full use of all available memory, and also supports AVX for light-speed results. Codec updates, new recording and scanning technologies, significantly faster file management and new user-friendly wizards will make your work a breeze. And that's not all: we've improved video playback.

RePack features:
Version features:
Type: installation, unpacking (Portable by TryRooM)
Languages: Multi/Russian
Removed: de-help, templates, EULA
Optional: Import Settings.reg

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17.0.3 RePack (& Portable) by TryRooM (64.67 MB)
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