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Artificial Intelligence In Media And Entertainment

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Artificial Intelligence In Media And Entertainment
Published 8/2023
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Revolutionizing social media strategy with the power of AI, Application of AI in entertainment industry, AI in film etc

What you'll learn
The impact of artificial intelligence on film industry
Revolutionizing social media strategy with the power of artificial intelligence
Building a successful media strategy around artificial intelligence
Applications of artificial intelligence in entertainment industry
How to train your media planning artificial intelligence
The impact of generative artificial intelligence on holly wood and entertainment
Ways media leaders can leverage generative artificial intelligence
Ways to use artificial intelligence in social media and best tools to consider
Ways artificial intelligence is changing the public relations game
Artificial intelligence as magnet for customers in entertainment if used wisely
Master the art of artificial intelligence - driven social media strategy
Artificial intelligence and latest technology
Ethical use of artificial intelligence
No special requirement
Desire to learn more in the media and entertainment industry about artificial intelligence
Seeking knowledge to deliver better service with AI in media industry
The news media plays a very key role in shaping public perception about artificial intelligence, lets all understand that artificial intelligence has its own advantages and disadvantages.There is panic in the total acceptance of artificial intelligence but in my opinion, artificial intelligence will help work to be completed effectively and efficiently, but it will not take away people jobs as its being speculated. As the media ecosystem is going through major changes, it has sparked concerns about how and to what extent artificial intelligence can be used for journalism and rightly so. The several cases encountered so far and gloomy outlook of the future on the subject, disinformation seems to be a running theme. We must understand that misinformation unlike disinformation may or may not be deliberate. But given accuracy is one of the fundamental elements of quality journalism, artificial intelligence getting its basic factual data incorrect on multiple times can threaten the trustworthiness of journalism, in the long term. There are many social media artificial intelligence tools that makes generating post easy. This tools can also recognize context from a larger piece of content and create social media posts for promotion. Artificial intelligence driven social media strategy involves the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to automate, analyze, and enhance your media effort. In films, artificial intelligence not only allows for quicker production times but also enhances interactivity between viewers and movie makers, making it easier than ever to create great visual content.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is artificial intelligence
Lecture 3 What is the history of artificial intelligence
Lecture 4 What are the types of artificial intelligence
Lecture 5 Augumented intelligence verses artificial intelligence
Lecture 6 Ethical use of artificial intelligence
Lecture 7 What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence
Lecture 8 What are examples of AI technology and how is it used today
Lecture 9 What are the applications of artificial intelligence
Lecture 10 Artificial intelligence governance and regulations
Lecture 11 Artificial intelligence tools and services
Lecture 12 How can artificial intelligence assist media industry
Lecture 13 Another example of how artificial intelligence will transform news/journalism
Lecture 14 can artificial intelligence replace journalist?
Lecture 15 Role of artificial intelligence in media industry
Lecture 16 Top application of AI in the media industry
Lecture 17 AI poses new threats to newsrooms and they are taking action
Lecture 18 How artificial intelligence transforms social media
Lecture 19 Many times film showed us the power of artificial intelligence
Lecture 20 What aspects of film making can be assisted by artificial intelligence
Lecture 21 Examples of artificial intelligence portrayed in films
Lecture 22 The impact of AI brain on the entertainment industry
Lecture 23 Artificial intelligence and the future of entertainment
Section 2: Revolutionizing Social Media Strategy With The Power Of Artificial Intelligence
Lecture 24 Understanding the role of AI in social media
Lecture 25 The benefits of using AI for social media strategy
Lecture 26 Gain insight into audience and their preferences
Lecture 27 Create original content in an efficient way
Lecture 28 Analyze and optimize existing content
Lecture 29 Deliver personalized experience to users
Lecture 30 Automate mundane tasks: from scheduling posts to responding to comments
Lecture 31 Create better-targeted campaigns
Lecture 32 Best practices for implementing AI in social media marketing
Section 3: Building A Successful Media Strategy around Artificial Intelligence
Lecture 33 How is artificial intelligence used in the media industry
Lecture 34 How artificial intelligence is transforming the media landscape
Lecture 35 The role of artificial intelligence in data analysis and insight
Lecture 36 Building a successful media strategy around artificial intelligence
Section 4: Applications Of artificial Intelligence In Entertainment Industry
Lecture 37 Personalization of content
Lecture 38 Movie production
Lecture 39 Subtitle new generation
Lecture 40 Metadata tagging emerges as a savior
Lecture 41 Search optimization
Lecture 42 More boundless practice of VR and AR
Section 5: How To Train Your Media Planning Artificial Intelligence
Lecture 43 What is media planning artificial intelligence
Lecture 44 What is training data
Lecture 45 Your training data needs structure
Lecture 46 Placement details as independent variables
Lecture 47 Efficiency key performance indicators and dependent variables
Lecture 48 How to capture media planning
Lecture 49 How to deliver training data
Section 6: The Impact Of Generative AI On Hollywood And Entertainment
Lecture 50 Introduction
Lecture 51 Resolutely against generative artificial intelligence
Lecture 52 Embracing generative AI with some concerns
Lecture 53 The post production companies have software development culture
Lecture 54 Are both Experts right?
Section 7: Ways Media Leaders Can Leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence
Lecture 55 Intrduction
Lecture 56 Improving content creation, production and management
Lecture 57 Embracing and personalizing audience experiences
Lecture 58 Improving monetization
Section 8: Ways To Use AI In Social Media And Best Tools To Consider
Lecture 59 Introduction
Lecture 60 Social media AI to generate content
Lecture 61 Social media AI to manage advertisement
Lecture 62 Social media AI to find suitable influence's for marketing
Lecture 63 Social media AI to schedule content
Section 9: Ways AI Is Changing The Public Relation Game
Lecture 64 Introduction
Lecture 65 AI for ideas and inspiration
Lecture 66 Creating media list
Lecture 67 Videos/ video monitoring
Lecture 68 Email replies
Lecture 69 Reputation management
Lecture 70 Social media management
Lecture 71 Budgeting
Lecture 72 Chatbots
Lecture 73 AI assisted recommendation
Section 10: AI As Magnet For Customers In Entertainment If Used Wisely
Lecture 74 AI versus professional gamers
Lecture 75 Navigating in the sea of AI applications in entertainment
Lecture 76 Practical examples of AI in entertainment
Lecture 77 Artificial intelligence in gambling
Lecture 78 Movie recommendation engine
Section 11: Master The Art Of AI-Driven Social Media Strategy
Lecture 79 Understanding AI-driven social media strategy
Lecture 80 Set clear goals and objectives
Lecture 81 Choose the right AI tools and platforms
Lecture 82 Optimize your content strategy with AI
Section 12: Artificial Intelligence And Latest Technology
Lecture 83 Artificial intelligence and latest technology
media professionals, educators, media agencies, press centers, media employees, governments, media owners, media associations, students, public, business people, lawyers, everybody etc.

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