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Art Of Chanting - Yoga Alliance Yacep

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Art Of Chanting - Yoga Alliance Yacep
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 5.66 GB | Duration: 3h 46m
Chant opens the heart & makes love flow.

Free Download What you'll learn
The tools to cultivate chant in yoga classes & personal practice.
The history of chant & understanding why we chant.
The anatomy of chant & how the body produces sound.
The exercises to support the singing structure & vocal technique.
The Sanskrit pronunciation.
How to increase your confidence in sharing your voice through chant.
The world of vibrations & cymatics of chanting
No. There are no requirements to take this course.
The human voice is a powerful, beautiful instrument & this chanting course is designed to give you the tools to share & cultivate this phenomenal gift in your classes & personal practice.By exploring the history of chant we create a solid foundation for understanding why we chant. Our journey into anatomy will give you a clear understanding of how the body produces sound, show you exercises to support the singing structure & discuss perspectives on vocal technique. Basic Sanskrit pronunciation is reviewed, as well as a foray into the world of vibrations & cymatics of chanting.Sometimes described as "sound meditation," chants may articulate sutras, mantras, invocations, requests for protection, or reminders of ethical commitments and vows.The aim of this program is to increase your confidence in sharing your voice through chant. Confidence comes through repetition. The program includes additional recordings which are there to use as a practice guide, chanting along, strengthening your voice & giving you space to explore your own sound.Chant opens the heart & makes love flow.For Yoga Alliance Yoga Teachers: With your UDEMY certificate, this course can be added to your Yoga Alliance profile. It qualifies for 15 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (contact hour) credits. Instructions will be provided at the end of the program on how to add these to your profile.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Meet Your Teacher
Lecture 2 Textbook References
Lecture 3 Chants - How To
Section 2: Week 1 - The History of Chanting
Lecture 4 Video Lecture - History of Chanting
Lecture 5 Assignment - Listening To Chants
Lecture 6 Reading - Music As Yoga
Lecture 7 Assignment - Meditation on External Sounds
Lecture 8 Practice Chant - Pavamana Mantra
Section 3: Week 2 - Anatomy
Lecture 9 Video Lecture - Anatomy
Lecture 10 Vocal Anatomy - What's Involved?
Lecture 11 Assignment - Inhalation & Exhalation
Lecture 12 Assignment - Transversus Abdominis
Lecture 13 Assignment - Breath Sensations
Lecture 14 Assignment - Breath & Alignment
Lecture 15 Reading - What Yoga Therapists Should Know
Lecture 16 Assignment - Meditation On Breath
Lecture 17 Practice Chant - Prayer For Peace
Section 4: Week 3 - Sanskrit & Vibrations
Lecture 18 Video Lecture - Sanskrit & Vibrations
Lecture 19 Special Sounds - Mouth Positions In Sanskrit
Lecture 20 Cymatics
Lecture 21 OM
Lecture 22 Reading - Practicing Sanskrit Letters
Lecture 23 Reading - Music Therapy For Health & Wellness
Lecture 24 Practice Chant - Mantra For The Whole World
Lecture 25 Assignment - Guided Vocal Exercises
Lecture 26 Reading - Silmarillion
Section 5: Week 4 - Integration
Lecture 27 Video Lecture - Integration
Lecture 28 Assignment - Create a Yoga Sequence
Lecture 29 Practice Chant - Shiva Kirtan
Lecture 30 Practice Chant - Chant From The Gita
Lecture 31 Practice Chant - Gayatri Mantra
Lecture 32 Practice Chant - Ashtanga Opening Chant
Lecture 33 Assignment - Self Guided Silent Meditation
Section 6: Closing
Lecture 34 Thank You From Mark
Section 7: Registering Your YACEP Credits with Yoga Alliance
Lecture 35 Step by Step Guide
Anyone interested in chanting, mantra or singing.,Yoga Teachers looking to explore chanting in their own classes and practice.,Anyone interested in sound and vibration for supporting health and well-being.,Individuals looking to gain confidence in using their voice.,Individuals interested in learning about vocal anatomy.

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