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Animal Communication Beginner Level

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Animal Communication Beginner Level
Last updated 11/2021
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Open your psychic channels for telepathic communication with animals

What you'll learn
The basics of telepathic communication with animals
How to prepare your mind for animal communication
A simple six-step process for initiating animal communication
How to practise animal communication at a distance from the animal
Meditative techniques to calm the mind and open your intuitive channels
What animal communication looks like through live demonstrations
A love of animals and the discipline to practice
Hello and welcome to this course on animal communication for beginners!The two-person team taking you through this course is Zoe Henderson, a professional animal communicator and energy healer, as well as Tamara Pitelen, a trainee animal communicator who will be learning the ropes along with you.Zoe Henderson has been communicating with and healing animals since for as long as she can remember, certainly since she was a small child. She says that communicating with the animal world is something that has brought immense joy and fun into her life. Tamara Pitelen, on the other hand, is a complete beginner to animal communication. So you and she will be doing this course together as Zoe takes you both from zero to hero on telepathic animal communication. Along with Tamara, you will be learning the techniques and doing the practice together.So who is this course for? It's for all animal lovers who would like a closer connection with and deeper understanding of the animal world, whether that's wild animals, domesticated or animals living in captivity. It's for those wanting to open up their intuitive channels, develop their psychic gifts, and gain a more profound understanding of this universe, this world, and of themselves.This is your opportunity to learn how to connect to the animal world and communicate with them telepathically. All animals can talk to each other and to us, but it is not in words as we know them, it is through feelings, images and mind movies. They connect to us through their soul and heart.In this course, you will learn the essentials of telepathic animal communication; you will watch demonstrations of telepathic communication by Zoe, and you'll practice alongside Tamara. You do not need any experience or special abilities. Anyone can do this. The ability to do this is your natural birth right. Humans once communicated like this naturally but as our species has become more and more disconnected from the natural world, this ability has become dormant in most people. You will learn what animal communication is and what it is not. And you will learn how to use all your senses in this communication. Zoe is going to teach you how to prepare for communication with techniques to quiet the mind, and she will teach you a simple 6 step process for engaging in communication with any animal, be it your friend's rabbit, a wild pigeon in your garden, farm animals in a paddock, or a chimpanzee in a wildlife sanctuary. You will learn how to talk to your pets and other animals, hear and feel the messages they are giving to you. Feel and see what is going on in their bodies and their minds. We'll also be addressing the main obstacles and challenges that people encounter when they first begin trying to communicate, these are mainly the fear that you're just making it up and the fear that you just won't get anything, radio silence in other words.In the last lessons, we'll look at how you can support animals who are ill or dying, and along the way Zoe will share anecdotes of animals she's communicated with over her career.So take a moment to congratulate yourself for buying this course, for taking interest in this and investing your time, effort and money to it. Why might you want to have this ability? Maybe you already work with animals and so being able to communicate would greatly enhance your work; perhaps you want to know your own animals better and resolve any behavioural issues or physical conditions; or perhaps you'd like to be a professional animal communicator. Regaining your ability to telepathically communicate with all kinds of animals - from domestic pets like cats and dogs, to wild animals, to marine life, to insects. will bring you boundless joy and revelation.Awakening your ability to communicate with animals will transform you in the most wonderful ways because the truth is that it is we humans who would benefit the most if we regained the ability to communicate with the natural world and again live our lives, and build our societies, in a way that respects the cycles and rhythms of the natural world. Regaining the ability for interspecies telepathic communication may be at the heart of saving the planet and humanity, not to mention the thousands of species that humanity's actions are seeing become extinct every year. By undertaking animal communication, you are helping give them a much needed voice.Now, you may be wondering if animal communication is just a clever way of reading their body language. No, it has nothing to do with that. This is the work of an animal behaviourist, it is wonderful work, don't get us wrong but it is not the type of interspecies telepathic communication that we are talking about.Simply put, intuitive or telepathic communication between humans and other species is the transfer of mental images and movies, physical sensations, words, and emotions.And this is a natural ability that we all have - we've just forgotten how to use it. Humans used to consider communication with other species as the most natural thing in the world, we knew we were guardians and protectors of the natural world but a few thousand years ago, we lost this ability - no doubt a result of telling ourselves we were 'better' than nature and nature was ours to use and abuse at our convenience. No longer guardians, now we considered ourselves the masters of every other species on the planet, and the planet herself.Humans have become disconnected from the natural world. So much so, that we've convinced ourselves of the illusion that we are separate somehow from this planet. We've forgotten that we are animals, and that we are an intrinsic part of life on this planet, and profoundly connected and dependent on the health of this planet and all its lifeforms.We were not always so disconnected from the animal and plant world. This disconnection is a relatively recent thing of the past 3000 or so years. As humans, we have existed in a form similar to the form we now take for about 200,000 years and for most of those millennia, we used our natural ability to communicate telepathically with other species and so lived alongside these other creatures in harmony. This is how our ancestors knew which plants could be used to heal which sicknesses - because the plants told them. And many indigenous cultures still do communicate with, and have a reverence for the natural world, for example the native Americans and the Aborigines of Australia, as well as tribes in Africa and South America. Telepathic communication with animals is not only possible, it is a dormant ability that we are all born with but humans have forgotten how to use it.It is our dearest, most heartfelt wish that we humans remember that we are an intrinsic part of the natural world, as much an 'animal' of this planet as are the lions, the elephants, the dogs, the squirrels. and every other sentient being that lives on Earth. Just like humans, animals are not products or things; they are sentient beings with their own souls, their life purpose and connection to the Divine.This is why we are so excited by the rise in interest in animal communication for it has the potential to shift consciousness and profoundly change the way we, humans, live in the world. We suggest you work methodically through this course, complete each lesson and exercises before moving to the next one as there is a progression designed to gently and slowly open up your intuitive pathways.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: What animal communication is, why it's so important and how it benefits us
Lecture 2 The what and why of animal communication
Lecture 3 How animal communication happens
Lecture 4 Demonstration of animal communication: Toby the dachshund
Section 3: Preparing for animal communication
Lecture 5 The six steps and a 'present moment' breathing exercise
Lecture 6 Meditation: Grounding and clearing meditation
Section 4: The six steps of communication
Lecture 7 The six steps to establishing communication
Lecture 8 Meditation: Heart to heart connection
Lecture 9 Ask your questions and listen with all your senses
Lecture 10 Meditation: Moving into the animal's body
Section 5: Demonstrations of animal communication
Lecture 11 Demonstration: Vinnie the horse
Lecture 12 Demonstration: Enzo and Jo Jo
Section 6: Live practice sessions
Lecture 13 Practise session: Jo Jo
Lecture 14 Practice session: Lawrence and field horses
Lecture 15 Practise session: The cats Phoebe and Chop Chop
Section 7: Varying styles of communication
Lecture 16 How to communicate at a distance
Lecture 17 Communicating with wild animals
Lecture 18 Communication at the end of an animal's life
Section 8: Well done! And your next steps
Lecture 19 Well done! And your next steps
Animal lovers as well as those interested in spirituality, energy, intuitive work, and the like.
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