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Ai-Powered Ecommerce Boosting Sales And Efficiency

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Ai-Powered Ecommerce Boosting Sales And Efficiency
Published 8/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.33 GB | Duration: 1h 59m
Missing AI opportunity in Ecommerce would be the same as being late in mastering SEO

What you'll learn
Get expertise to capitalize on AI's transformative impact on Ecommerce and establish yourself as a frontrunner in the industry.
Learn how to enrich customer experience using AI technology: hyper-personalization, revolutionize search, create virtual shopping assistance and more
Acquire knowledge on leveraging AI to optimize sales and marketing efforts. Implement AI-powered sales and marketing strategies
Use AI tools to enhance efficiency of your operations, automate catalog management, optimize inventory, demand forecasting, pricing, and customer support
Learn how to develop AI roadmap and priorities for your business and select AI tools and technology that are mature and fit for your business
Acquire practical knowledge on successfully implementing AI projects within an Ecommerce business.
There are no prerequisites for taking this course
The AI revolution is poised to transform every aspect of human lives and businesses. Merchants that will be early adopters of AI will surge ahead of their competitors. The time to understand AI's potential in Ecommerce business is now!This innovative online course, created by an Ecommerce expert, focuses on the application of AI in the dynamic world of electronic commerce.The course includes an in-depth analysis of AI use cases in ecommerce, enabling participants to gain practical insights from real-world examples. By exploring the benefits of AI in ecommerce, participants will understand how AI can revolutionize customer experiences, optimize sales and marketing strategies, automate inventory management, and personalize product recommendations.Artificial intelligence is a unique technology that will have a positive effect on the Efficiency of backend Operations and will revolutionize Customer Experience.These two themes: Backend Operations and Customer Experience, define the structure of this course.Drive Sales and Efficiency through Advanced Product ContentDiscover the art of creating and enhancing product content using AI techniques. Customized product content for various sales channels will skyrocket your reach while attribute enrichment and AI image generation optimize your products for maximum impact. Master the art of product matching and deduplication to ensure data quality and automate localization for a global presence. Embrace automatic merchandising and unlock the potential of truly personalized product information.Empower Your Marketing with AI InsightsUnleash the potential of AI in marketing as we dive into brand content generation, customer personas, and hyper-personalized ads. Understand customer intent and leverage AI to harvest keywords for superior content optimization. Harness the power of ChatGPT to create compelling marketing materials. Discover the secret to becoming a sought-after brand in the age of AI.Achieve Unparalleled Forecasting and PlanningAI will revolutionize sales and demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, and inventory management. Dive into the world of demand models and churn prediction for strategic decision-making. Unravel the mysteries of supply chain management and learn how to sell products with no historical sales data.Transform the Customer Buying JourneyUnleash the potential of generative AI to revolutionize Ecommerce search and invent new search UX. Increase search relevance by combining publicly available information with vast Ecommerce data. Explore voice and visual search, virtual shopping assistants, and AI-based generative personalization. Take a leap into virtual fitting rooms, AI-driven fraud detection, and augmented reality for selling complex products.Optimize the Post-Sale Experience with AIEmpower your sales and support teams with AI chatbots and embrace conversational commerce. Optimize order fulfillment and gather customer feedback seamlessly. Unleash the potential of virtual agents for order management and tackle the challenge of fake reviews.Embrace AI in Your Ecommerce StrategyOur course concludes with invaluable insights on integrating AI into your Ecommerce strategy. Get recommendations on prioritizing AI initiatives based on your business type and size. Learn how to build AI skills within your organization and assess your software vendors' AI roadmap.The course contains numerous examples of new s/w tools and approaches that you can apply to your business.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 AI & Ecommerce
Lecture 2 AI Terms & Definitions
Section 2: Improve Efficiency of Backend Operations
Lecture 3 Optimize Product Data Preparation with AI
Lecture 4 Data Preparation: Innovative Tools & Ideas
Lecture 5 AI - Powered Marketing
Lecture 6 AI & Marketing: Innovative Tools & Ideas
Lecture 7 Forecasting & Planning
Lecture 8 Forecasting & Planning: Innovative Tools & Ideas
Section 3: Enhance Customer Experience
Lecture 9 Search & Product Discovery with AI
Lecture 10 Search & Product Discovery with AI: Innovative Tools & Ideas
Lecture 11 AI-Assisted Shopping
Lecture 12 AI-Assisted Shopping: Innovative Tools & Ideas
Lecture 13 How to use AI to Improve post-sales Experience
Lecture 14 AI in Post-sale: Innovative Tools & Ideas
Section 4: Develop AI Strategy and Priorities
Lecture 15 Start AI Journey and be at the forefront of the next big wave in Ecommerce!
Lecture 16 Define Roadmap and Business Priorities
Lecture 17 Select the Right Technology
Section 5: Continue Learning, this is just a Beginning
Lecture 18 The AI Revolution in Ecommerce: Keep Exploring and Innovating!
Ecommerce business owners: Individuals who own an Ecommerce business and want to leverage AI technologies to enhance sales, optimize operations, and improve overall business performance.,Ecommerce managers and executives: Managers and executives responsible for overseeing Ecommerce operations, sales, marketing, or customer experience within an organization.,Entrepreneurs and startup founders: Aspiring entrepreneurs and founders of Ecommerce startups who want to incorporate AI technologies from the outset and gain a competitive edge in the market.,Marketing and sales professionals: Marketers and sales professionals working in the Ecommerce industry who want to enhance their skills in utilizing AI-powered techniques,Business consultants and analysts: Consultants and analysts who provide advisory services to Ecommerce businesses.,IT professionals and developers: IT professionals and developers interested in understanding how AI can be integrated into Ecommerce platforms and applications.

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