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8-In-1 Course In Ultimate Health - Unique Information

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 11/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 7.67 GB | Duration: 11h 22m
Oxford Diploma : Genius living - fitness and health for now and for ever

What you'll learn
Lose weight
Minimise risks of illness rather than treat after the event
How to become a Sleep Consultant
Minimise risk of stroke, heart disease etc
Know HOW to make changes for their overall benefit
Armed with extra knowledge, look forward with hope and positivity
Look better, feel better and do more - with energy and enthusiasm.
Learn about MANY key biomarkers and what to do with this knowledge
Workbook on Holistic Medicine
Exercise more productively
No pre-knowledge needed - I teach you everything!
The only tool is your body - and your mind.
Willingness to be an active rather than a passive student!
Make sure you FINISH the course - it works!
Notice: Please do NOT enrol on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show an interest on impulse, yes, but before you enrol, watch the Preview videos, read the Course Description and then make a decision. If you then enrol then please start the course as soon as possible. Watch the lectures, look at the workbooks and join in the discussions. Joining my courses is a serious business and I want you to get the most out of your study - but I also want you to enjoy the course.That is why I am asking that you only enrol because you really want to and that you start the course intending to make full use of all the resources.You will be very welcome.There are plenty of 'Health and Fitness' courses on Udemy - dozens and dozens. BUT this one is unique and the opening lectures explain why. No other course duplicates this. PLUS there are several workbooks included - current as at May 2021.This is EIGHT courses in one:1. Benchmarks2. Routines - morning and evening3. Intermittent - fasting/movement4. Food & drink5. Exercise6. Sleep (and become a Sleep Consultant)7. Lifestyle medicine 8. Holman ProtocolIn short: total health (+ workbook on Holistic Medicine)You will learn about:Losing weight Key biomarkersKey tests to have - and then check back to see progressBenchmarks set by YOU - and then check backSleepIntermittent movementIntermittent fastingFitnessHealthy eatingMore SleepHow to optimise your own healthThis is a unique course owing in part to its origins (Wisdom of the Crowds) and in part to its application. The Holman Protocol is a collection of ideas, studies and interpretations that will enable you to regain health, to regain wellness - in short to take control over your life - and become superhuman!Through a series of lectures - some quite long - and with reference to experts, studies and published articles the student is presented with a wide range of advice over the key areas that affect our lives. Areas such as exercise, sleep, stress, diet, risks, routine, fasting and the measurement thereof, are all covered. But this is an individual journey, not a prescription. Students will be presented with topics to consider and homework to take action over. The greater participation from the student, the greater the progress.If you follow this long course the following will happen:1. You WILL lose weight (if weightloss is needed)2. You WILL get fit(ter)3. You WILL get healthier4. This will improve all aspects of your life ( including sex life) 5. You will become Superhuman!It is probably not overstating it to say that lives may well be saved. This is a very detailed course - longer than many many other courses...it's your life, make the choice.Workbook on Holistic Medicine (added January 2020)DefinitionBalanced lifeWhat do you want from your doctor?Lifestyle modificationsPrinciples of holistic medicineThe immune systemTypes of treatmentLong term?Focus on preventing diseasesWorkbook on becoming a Sleep Consultant (added February 2020)What a Sleep Consultant isWhat the main purpose of a Sleep Consultant isHow to check if you have insomniaThe main causes of insomniaWhat to do to aid sleepWhat to NOT do to aid sleepCircadian rhythmPsychological issuesBest exercises for sleepFood and drink that promotes sleepSleep patterns and brainwavesAnatomy of sleepSleep stagesSleep mechanismsThe role of genes and neurotransmittersAlpha wavesSleep testAutogenic trainingBiofeedbackGuided imageryProgressive relaxationSelf-hypnosisVideo evaluation and recommendations200 strategies to fall asleepHow to fall asleep within 2 minutes
Section 1: Friendly advice
Lecture 1 Friendly advice
Section 2: Please watch this first!
Lecture 2 Please watch this first!
Section 3: Origin of the Holman Protocol
Lecture 3 Introduction - part 1
Lecture 4 Introduction - part 2
Lecture 5 Introduction - part 3
Lecture 6 Introduction - part 4
Lecture 7 Introduction - part 5
Lecture 8 Introduction - Part 6
Lecture 9 Introduction - part 7
Lecture 10 Introduction - part 8
Lecture 11 Introduction - part 9
Lecture 12 Introduction - part 10
Lecture 13 Introduction - part 11
Lecture 14 Introduction - part 12
Lecture 15 Introduction - part 13
Lecture 16 Introduction - part 14
Lecture 17 Introduction - part 15
Lecture 18 Introduction - part 16
Lecture 19 Introduction - part 17
Lecture 20 Introduction - part 18
Lecture 21 Introduction - part 19
Lecture 22 Introduction - part 20
Section 4: Oxford School of Learning Diploma
Lecture 23 About the Diploma
Section 5: Following the Holman Protocol
Lecture 24 Pre-Tests
Lecture 25 More Pre-Tests
Lecture 26 Routine
Lecture 27 Morning Routine - Part 1
Lecture 28 Morning Routine - Part 2
Lecture 29 Morning Routine - Part 3
Lecture 30 Intermittent Fasting
Lecture 31 Intermittent Movement
Lecture 32 Food - Part 1
Lecture 33 Food - Part 2
Lecture 34 Water
Lecture 35 Alcohol
Lecture 36 Walking
Lecture 37 Exercise - Part 1
Lecture 38 Exercise - Part 2
Lecture 39 Drugs
Lecture 40 Purpose
Lecture 41 Evening routine
Lecture 42 Sleep - Part 1
Lecture 43 Sleep - Part 2
Lecture 44 In Conclusion
Lecture 45 Got A Minute?
Lecture 46 What I Would Like You To Do
Lecture 47 Students questions - How to stay calm
Section 6: Boosting your immune system
Lecture 48 Sleep
Lecture 49 Whole plant foods
Lecture 50 Healthy fats
Lecture 51 Go fermented
Lecture 52 Sugar
Lecture 53 Exercise
Lecture 54 Gimme water
Lecture 55 Stressss
Section 7: Nutritionist - for real?
Lecture 56 Introduction
Lecture 57 Call yourself a nutritionist?
Lecture 58 Most have a qualification but...
Lecture 59 Results of a search
Lecture 60 Questions to ask
Lecture 61 Controversies - 1
Lecture 62 Controversies - 2
Lecture 63 Controversies - 3
Lecture 64 Controversies - 4
Lecture 65 Controversies - 5
Lecture 66 Controversies - 6
Section 8: Bookclub
Lecture 67 Introduction
Lecture 68 Pleasure
Lecture 69 Stress
Lecture 70 Escape
Lecture 71 Empathy
Lecture 72 Prevents memory loss
Lecture 73 Reading in groups
Lecture 74 Teenagers
Lecture 75 It makes you smarter
Section 9: Bookclub - 1 : The Promise
Lecture 76 Introduction
Lecture 77 Family relationships
Lecture 78 Systemic relationships
Lecture 79 Death
Lecture 80 Unfulfilled promise
Section 10: COVID-19: The aftermath
Lecture 81 Mental Health: Art therapy, painting, depression - and YOUR reactions (Part 5)
Section 11: Bonus
Lecture 82 Bonus
Those who prefer lifestyle - fitness, health, nutrition - to medication,Those who wish to prevent illness rather than react after the event,Those who prefer detail and structure to their course - with resources and updates,Those seeking to lose weight, regain health, zest and vitality,Those who want a thorough course you work through to attain wellbeing

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KatzSec DevOps

Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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TOP salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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