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  1. Farid

    USB Raptor (Fig) Portable

    USB Raptor (Fig) Portable Interface language: Russian, English and others System requirements: Windows 7-11 Description: USB Raptor is a free program that allows you to turn an ordinary USB drive into an electronic key to lock / unlock your computer, thanks to which you can...
  2. Farid

    USB Raptor 0.18.88

    USB Raptor 0.18.88 File Size : 11.4 Mb USB Raptor can lock the system once a specific USB drive is removed from the computer and unlock when the drive is plugged in again to any USB port. The utility checks constantly the USB drives for the presence of a specific unlock file with encrypted...
  3. Farid

    USB Raptor 0.18.87

    USB Raptor 0.18.87 File Size : 11.4 Mb Raptor's Nest Info Raptor's Nest is a UDP server based utility which can be used to supervise USB Raptor's status over LAN. In these cases you have locked a system and you want to check if the lock is active, Raptor's Nest is the solution for you...
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